8 Affordable Air Purifiers That’ll Help Clean Your Air Without Breaking the Bank

published Sep 25, 2020
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If you ask me, fall is easily the best season. From the cooler temps to cozy sweaters and all things pumpkin, there are few things not to like about it. Except there is one pesky thing we could do without: seasonal allergies. While the more comfortable weather is welcome, waking up with a stuffy nose every day is not. Luckily, air purifiers can help make your home a little more hospitable, creating cleaner air and filtering airborne allergies—although they tend to cost quite a bit. There’s good news, though: If you’re looking for an air purifier that won’t break the bank, we found eight options that’ll check all the boxes.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

This powerful low-profile air purifier gives you cleaner air in your home without overtaking your aesthetics. With a 360-degree HEPA-Type filtration system, it removes up to 99 percent of airborne allergens. Even better, it captures and removes pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, and germs, so you can breathe better all winter long.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

For smaller areas, like an office, dorm, or apartment bedroom, this desktop air purifier is just about perfect. The three-stage filtration system purifies rooms up to 56 square feet and has an auto shut-off timer, but the best part is that low $50 price tag.

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was $92.69

You probably know Bissell for their vacuums and mops, but did you know they sell air purifiers too? Their MYair purifier is small enough to fit in a tiny space, and the easy-change filter makes it convenient and simple to use. Packed with indoor air-purifying power, this little machine captures 99.7 percent of impurities.

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was $82.68

For a powerful, medical-grade filtration system, this Medify purifier is a solid, affordable option. It features three speeds, a sleep mode, and a night light, plus cleans up to 470 square feet. For the main living areas of your home, you can't beat this price. And how great is the sleek design and minimal style?

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Looking for an ultra-quiet purifier for your bedroom? This purifier from the experts at GermGuardian features a sleep mode and a programmable timer for up to 8 hours to create the cleanest air possible in your sleep space. With four customizable speed settings, it filters odors and traps allergens so you can say goodbye to waking up with a stuffy nose.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

For a small but mighty air purifier, check out this compact option, designed for rooms up to 41 square feet. Weighing just two pounds, it's great for bathrooms and offices alike. If you live in a highly polluted place or have difficulty with allergies, stick one of these in every room in your home.

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was $79.99

This purifier found on Amazon has a three-stage filtration system, making it a great purchase for bedrooms and offices. It's also ideal if you’re looking for something quieter that won’t disturb you while you work, read, or sleep. With four fan speeds and replaceable filters, it's also pretty versatile.

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As functional as it is stylish, this purifier gets our blessing as the best-looking budget option. The bladeless technology means you don’t need to worry about leaving kids or pets alone near it, and the sleek style will look good wherever you place it. When the halo light turns red, it means that the filter needs to be replaced. Smart!