The Simple Organizing Solution That Will Instantly Double the Hanging Space in Your Closet — and It’s on Sale

published Aug 10, 2022
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Like many others who aren’t the lucky owners of homes with walk-in closets, I face the frequent conundrum of having too many garments but not enough space in which to store them. Does that stop me from buying even more clothes? Of course not. But lately I’ve had to find ways around my storage issue, and I don’t just mean selling unwanted apparel on Poshmark. Fortunately there are a lot of helpful organizers for every room of the house, and that also goes for closets. From sizable baskets to stackable bins, the options for separating summer and winter pieces and neatly stowing them away are virtually endless. But what if you want to expand your hanging space without utilizing cubbies or inserting extra shelves? We might have found just the thing for you.

With this attachable closet rod that’s currently on sale on QVC’s website, you can instantly double the hanging space in your wardrobe. No assembly or tedious installation is required; it simply hooks onto your original clothing rod and hangs a few feet below it. Additionally, this item is metal and has chrome plating, so it’s super sturdy and likely to match the rods in most closets.

If you’re worried about clothes touching the ground, you’ll be glad to find that the Honey-Can-Do closet rod is adjustable, so you can determine exactly how far you want to place it from the original one. But your best bet is probably to hang shorter garments, like T-shirts, on the lower rack. Whatever you decide, this closet accessory has the potential to free up so much shelving and drawer space! It’s also beneficial for shared closets and even kids’ rooms — no more arguing over who’s taking up too much rod space.

I know that with my own closet space issue, it’s difficult to keep track of all the things I own. The worst is when I’m running late for an appointment and frantically digging around for that specific button-up or skirt I’d planned on wearing. With a tool like this hanging closet rod, there’s no more forgetting what you have and where you put it because most of your clothes are quite literally on display. There’s always the solution of purchasing a separate, out-of-closet garment rack, but with this product, you don’t create any extra clutter and keep all your apparel confined to one spot. I’d say that makes this closet rod well worth the money.

Buy: Honey-Can-Do Hanging Double Closet Rod, $25.90 (normally $36.99)