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The One Space for Storage You’re Probably Not UsingDesign Ideas
I’m always interested in what the kids these days are doing in their dorm rooms. Yes, I realize that statement makes me sound like a geriatric. But seriously, were there ever so many dorm-dedicated brands and options ten—even five—years ago? I look at Instagram, lookbooks and big box circulars longingly. But you know what? There are some great storage ideas and products for the rest of us disguised in all that college ‘ish. Ya feel?
May 4, 2019
How to Build a Long Wood Floating Shelf (That Won’t Sag in the Middle)Projects & Improvements
All this week we’re talking about bathroom renovations, starting with Ashley’s recent remodel, and following up with tons of helpful posts about the process! Floating shelves are fantastic, and I knew I wanted one above the tub in my new bathroom. We searched high and low for a floating shelf that not only looked good, but could hold a lot of weight without sagging —especially because the wall is pretty long.
May 3, 2019
Before & After: This Room’s Beautiful Bones Get Even BetterProjects & Improvements
Here’s a room with beautiful bones—stunning wood floors, classic fireplace, tasteful paint colors, interesting accent wall, high ceilings—but can it be even better? Here’s how the homeowner kept everything that’s good about this room, while remedying the “big empty space!” next to the fireplace. First, here’s how Lindsay of Indigo & Gray described the situation before the change: We had just moved into our brand new house.
May 3, 2019
Before & After: A Big Blank Wall Gets a Very Functional FaceliftProjects & Improvements
Here’s a lovely dining room that boasts ample natural light, beautiful wood floors, covetable furnishings, a graceful light fixture, and happy plants. It’s nearly perfect! There is, however, the matter of that huge blank wall that somewhat sucks the life out of the room… This is so fun!
May 3, 2019
Before and After: This Living Room’s New Bookshelves Have a Built-In Dog DoorProjects & Improvements
Many makeovers involve transforming dark rooms with white paint and paring things down, but this one is completely the opposite. This room is about to get a lot darker, significantly fuller, and exponentially more fabulous—with one special surprise. This is absolutely stunning. The room has the feel of a 200-year-old study, a magical place to stumble upon in an ancient home. One would never guess it was totally put together from scratch.
May 3, 2019
One Minute Tip: Three Ways to Use Vertical SpaceOrganizing
Today’s One Minute Tip comes from Fay Wolf, with three simple ways to rethink vertical space. • The Star: Fay Wolf is a singer-songwriter, actor and professional organizer. She’s acted on shows like 2 Broke Girls and Bones, and her songs have been heard on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars. Fay’s Los Angeles-based company New Order has been organizing lives since 2006, helping creative people deal with both inner and outer clutter.
Mar 12, 2019
Before and After: A Major Twist on a Plain Jane Cube Shelving UnitProjects & Improvements
The ubiquitous white cube shelf unit is affordable, attractively minimalist, and endlessly useful, but occasionally it needs a bit of a twist to fit in with the rest of a home’s decor. This particular unit—similar to this one from Target or this one from IKEA—needed some real TLC: I had this six-cube shelving unit in the playroom. It has several scratches on top and stickers on the sides but it was still in good shape.
Feb 24, 2019
15 Repurposed, Upcycled, and DIY Storage IdeasOrganizing
There’s nothing we like better than seeing something creatively repurposed into something else—particularly if that ‘something else’ is storage-related.
Feb 21, 2019
Before and After: Someone Found a Way to Make a White Wall InterestingProjects & Improvements
This unassuming bit of wall doesn’t necessarily scream office built for two, but two desk chairs, eight shelves, and countless colors later, it is now a bright cheerful office suitable for two professional adults—and Rainbow Brite. Here’s a bit of background about what was needed, and what the limitations were: My boyfriend and I moved to Brooklyn last year and needed a solution to the problem of having two computers but no designated room for an office.
Feb 5, 2019
9 Super IKEA Shelf Hacks Anyone Can Pull OffProjects & Improvements
For every item IKEA brings into this world, there’s at least 10 ways to improve upon it, or make it your own. Some hacks are laboriously complicated and too involved for most humans, other projects are easy for just about anyone to pull off. If you’re looking for some super simple ways to tweak, alter, improve, or upgrade your shelving, here are nine ways to hack those BILLYs, EKBYs, EVETs, and LACKs.
Oct 29, 2018
How to Make A Quick Floating Shelf with Invisible BracketsProjects & Improvements
This is a quick and satisfying project.
Oct 20, 2018
11 Inspiring Ways to Style Your Floating ShelvesDesign Ideas
The possibilities are endless, but if you're stumped on how to style your floating shelves, these inspirational shelfies are sure to point you in the right direction.
Sep 30, 2018
Before and After: A Remarkable Shelf Redo That Cost $5Projects & Improvements
Hanging up some wall shelves is one of the best things you can do for a room, and even a shelf you don’t adore is a good thing to have. However, if you can take an ordinary, affordable shelving unit and transform it into something remarkable for just $5, why not?
May 4, 2018
Here’s the Truth About Open Shelving (From People Who Have Them)Design Ideas
Ahhh, open shelving. There are some very strong opinions about this kitchen trend. I’m 99% ready to take the leap myself, ditching the looming floor-to-ceiling boxy pantries a previous owner added to our Victorian home. They close in the already small-ish space, make getting around the kitchen island an annoying shuffle anytime my husband and I are both in there (every meal time, ever), and in general take up way more footprint than is necessary.
Apr 25, 2018
The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Living Room Under $100Projects & Improvements
Amp up your space for very little money.
Feb 18, 2018
The 2′ x 7′ Storage Space You’re Probably OverlookingProjects & Improvements
Great ideas for an often unused area.
Jan 15, 2018
What It’s REALLY Like Living With Open Kitchen ShelvingDesign Ideas
The debate between open shelving and closed cabinets in the kitchen divides many people. Some find the look charming, but hate the practicality of it. Others think it looks messy, but wonder if they’d use their stuff more if they could see. And many other opinions in between abound. So I asked some folks who live with open shelving in their kitchen every day to share the real truth. Kristina Browngardt is the co-founder of Wilder Design Co.
Sep 5, 2017
Real Life Results: Super Stylish (& Tidy!) Shelving in Real KitchensDesign Ideas
Open shelving in kitchens has been an ever-growing trend for the last decade. Especially as homes moved toward open concept layouts, kitchens opened up and got a bit lighter. Walls of closed in cabinetry gave way to sleek shelving. But, with any big switch comes concerns and in the case of open kitchen storage the primary one is “won’t it look too chaotic and messy?”.
Nov 19, 2016
Buy or DIY: The Coolest Geometric Shelves Under $100Organizing
A home really starts to take shape the moment shelves are hung on the walls, and these stand-out geometric gems pack enough personality to set the tone of the entire room. Whether you choose a market pick or decide to make it yourself, these statement shelves look like modernist works of art—even before you fill them with your most marvelous collectibles. (above) Room goals: Pentagonal shelves that stack up to the ceiling. Geo Shelf, by Urban Outfitters, $89.
May 24, 2016
It Can Be Done: 8 Spaces that Make Track Shelving Look GoodDesign Ideas
Track shelving might be the most common in a pantry, office or garage, but if you know how to style it right, it can be beautiful enough to sit front and center right in the living room. Just check out these eight rooms, which each put their own spin on the track shelf thing. Above: Mounting art to the wall between the shelf standards gives this wall unit from Old Brand New a more upscale look.
Feb 11, 2016
This Customizable DIY Dresser Drawer Bookshelf Is Just What Your Wall NeedsProjects & Improvements
Reuse old dresser drawers to create a bookshelf installation like Mike and Kate’s! The couple found free dressers on Craigslist and used the drawers to transform an empty wall in their Chicago home. dresser drawers (preferably dovetailed) paint wall mounting hardware measuring tape hammer drill From Kate: I turned to Craigslist and found free dressers, took the drawers, and trashed the dressers themselves (don’t worry—they were really ugly).
Feb 10, 2016
The Beautiful, the Bizarre, the Wonderful: 8 Crazy Bookcases We Can’t Get Enough OfDesign Ideas
Bookcases don’t have to be boring. After you see these 8 designs, you may never be satisfied with plain old, run-of-the-mill bookcases ever again. Sorry about that. The SCALA bookcase by Faktura, with its asymmetrical shelves, is more visually interesting than your average bookcase. It’s quite lovely — and is available to purchase for $1,400, no DIYing required. This beauty is the Gerald Bookcase, available from Made Goods.
Feb 2, 2015
Design Dilemma Solved: 7 Ways to Add Visual Height to a RoomDesign Ideas
Something feeling “off” about one of your rooms? It could be the space is a little too heavy on the low-end. You might need a visual weight adjustment. Relocating certain design details high-up in a space can create a more sophisticated, balanced room. There are ideas you can try that will take only a little time to tackle, and there are some that might take the afternoon. You decide what your room might need and how much time you have this weekend!
Mar 8, 2014
Before & After: Simple Shelves Become a Stylish CabinetProjects & Improvements
Most of us have a set of shelves that are decidedly more functional than they are fashionable. This shabby set survived the move into our new house and managed to look even shabbier sitting on our brand new tile floor and adjacent to a freshly painted wall. It only took me three years but it finally got a makeover more befitting its new station in life.The epiphany came as I was sketching plans for a cabinet and realized that, duh, a cabinet is basically a set of shelves with a back and a door!
Feb 6, 2012
Before & After: Katherine’s Beautiful Built-in ShelvingProjects & Improvements
Owning your own home means, for many folks, a myriad of DIY, improvement, and remodeling projects on your to-do list. This living room overhaul is an inspirational example of one woman’s journey in making her first home her own.Katherine Fugit is a contributing writer for Keep Smiling, a blog that offers encouragement “and other advice from first-time home buyers.” Looking at her personal blog, Me Machine, will give you a fantastic idea of her enviable eye for great design.
Oct 5, 2011
Before & After: Over the Stairs MudroomProjects & Improvements
This family may not have a big entryway but they have a wide staircase which they turned into a mudroom of sorts with tons of storage for every family member. See how great it looks now:Even seeing other people get organized makes me feel good. I imagine these cubbies will fill up a lot more over time and not look quite as pretty, but what a great way to maximize this space along the stairs.
Mar 25, 2011
MANSTAD Sectional Sofa Bed & Storage from IKEADesign Ideas
MANSTAD packs a lot of punch — it’s a (1) small scale sectional sofa that’s also a (2) bed and (3) storage. While there are options for sectionals with built in beds, few are this small, this inexpensive and few are designed to take advantage of the full footprint.
Sep 2, 2009
How To: Make a Captain’s Bed on the CheapProjects & Improvements
This is a small space DIY that’s clever, easy, and cheap. AT:SF reader Killorn wrote to us and told us how she turned an IKEA LACK shelf into under-bed storage. Before She says: I could not find a suitable storage bed in my budget that fit in the 64″ x 88″ alcove in my tiny apartment (450 sq. ft.), so I decided to build a plywood stage around a rolling LACK shelf to give the bed the appearance of a built-in.
Aug 29, 2008
How To: Make Shelves Out of Fruit CratesProjects & Improvements
We love a simple DIY solution, so when we happened across a set of photos explaining how to make cute shelves out of inexpensive (or free, if you’ve got a nose for scavenging) wooden crates, we were all over them. See the final result, along with detailed instructions and photos, below the jump.
Jul 18, 2008
Look! DIY Platform Bed With StorageOrganizing
David tells us his DIY platform bed project isn’t yet complete, but we think he’s done such a spectacular job with his bed/storage to this point, we wanted to go ahead and share what’s he’s completed thus far… The bed frame is a platform filled in with sheet-rock compound. “…there’s a few things left to do to the bed before it’s complete.
May 8, 2008
Best Of: HampersDesign Ideas
While most of the time, we just want to chuck our dirty clothes on the floor it’s probably a better idea to put contain the grubbies in a hamper. Here are a few hampers that tickle our fancy. LaMont Bamboo Hamper, $40 White Two Hamper Set, $59.95 Canvas Two-Drawer Hamper by Badger, $33.95 Spongebob Hamper, $14.99Blomus Laundry Bin with Black Wooden Lid, $180Sea Grass Hamper, $99 Korall Skoldpadda, $5.99Jax Organic Hamper, $68Bamboo Lattice Storage Stool, $89Which hamper do you recommend?
Apr 9, 2008
7 Best Small Space Shelving SolutionsDesign Ideas
We can part with our CDs, thin out our closets of clothing, stop coming home with curbside finds… but we must find more room for more books [wild eyed]. Laure’s Book in the Rafters idea and this wrap around ceiling shelving are both efficient uses of overhead space. Corners, stairways, closets and even doorways can be converted into additional storage.
Jan 31, 2008
8 Spots to Put a Dresser…Design Ideas
…besides the bedroom. Dressers are super-versatile pieces that provide a lot of storage, and they don’t have to be relegated to clothes-keeping. In the dining room they can store napkins and silverware, in the family room they can store DVDs, and in a hallway they can store linens. Click below for 8 spots to put a dresser.In a hallway, a dresser can store out-of-season clothes or extra linens.
Jan 30, 2008
House Tour: A Closet-less Brooklyn Abode
House Tour: A Closet-less Brooklyn Abode
Feb 20, 2018
Organizing Zen: Decluttering The Spice Cabinet
Organizing Zen: Decluttering The Spice Cabinet
Aug 17, 2017