5 Home Decor Items Pro Designers Actually Buy from Costco

published Dec 16, 2023
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Costco Wholesale storefront
Credit: Juan Llauro/Shutterstock

Ah, Costco … what would we without you? Because this wholesale retailer is famous for offering favorite daily essentials at bulk for affordable prices, it’s safe to say many of our wallets and cabinets would be considerably more empty. 

But if you look past the mammoth mayonnaise and year’s supply of dish soap, you might realize Costco also stocks a pretty impressive selection of homewares beyond just the quirky LEGO sets and 157-piece Le Creuset cookware bundles. I’m talking about the decor basics: bedding, furniture, plants, and things every home needs but you wouldn’t necessarily think to buy at Costco. True to form, though, Costco has all these finds (and more) at reasonable prices, so you can get a serious bang for your buck while decorating your space.

Costco’s warehouses may feature a surprisingly curated inventory — the company claims it offers 4,000 SKUs compared to the average grocery store’s 30,000 — but finding the best that its home section has to offer can feel like an uphill battle. So, where to begin? I asked a few interior designers to share their best Costco shopping tips.

Opt for the Essentials 

According to Luis Carmona, owner and lead designer at VERDE Interior Design, you might want to start your shopping with decorating basics. Although Costco might not be the first place you’d consider to buy drapery, for example, the store does offer stylish budget-friendly options, especially in unconventional sizes. “When we install window treatments in the homes of our clients, we always aim to install the curtains as high as possible to give the optical illusion that the window is taller than it really is,” he says. “The extra height allows us to achieve the look without having to go custom.” 

That’s why Carmona is a fan of the Beautyrest Black Magnetic Closure Window Panel Pair, which comes in a 108-inch length that he says is “harder to find in standard, off-the-shelf curtains.” (Pro tip: They’re only available online, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for at Costco’s warehouse, definitely browse its website.) 

Don’t underestimate Costco’s selection of designer appliance and fixture brands, either. “Picture this: Designer kitchen faucets that could easily make your jaw drop, courtesy of big names like Hansgrohe,” adds Eric Goranson, designer and host of Around the House. “And bidet toilet seats — yes, you heard me right! Toto Washlet, anyone?” The brand also has you covered for textiles. In fact, designer Sarah Grant turns to Costco for her foundational bedding pieces in particular. “We like to have two pillows per family member and extras for guests, which is a lot,” Grant explains. “Saving on the inserts helps.”  

Focus on Form and Function

Once you have the basics picked out, you can move on to the fun part: decor and more utilitarian furniture. Buying sofas and dining tables at Costco might be a bit of a gamble, but designers agree that accessories and accent pieces are fair game. The secret, according to the pros, is finding products that are practical and look good. For example, Grant gravitates toward shelving units, storage bins, and bowls with lids. Or, as she puts it, “functional storage solutions to keep your home organized and clutter-free.”

Should you be eager to take your chances on Costco furniture, Carmona recommends using that form-meets-function approach to find some double-duty, small-space-friendly pieces. “Wall desks like this one are perfect because they offer ample surface area for working, while offering height for additional storage and decor,” he says of Costco’s Holden Leaning Desk. “If you do not have available horizontal space in a room, go vertical!” 

Pick Out Plants — Real or Faux 

If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch, Costco makes it very easy to get something green. “Costco has amazing prices on plants,” says Allison Garrison, principal designer at San Diego design firm Allito. “They don’t always carry them, but if I am there and they have a load in, I almost always pick one up.” You also don’t have to be a professional plant parent to take advantage of Costco’s affordable foliage. “In a space that doesn’t get much sunlight or for those who are too busy to keep a plant alive, a faux tree is perfect,” Carmona says. 

Among Costco’s generous assortment of artificial plants is the olive tree, which amassed a cult-like following this past summer. Carmona says this viral sensation, which is over six feet tall, “gives the room height and texture, while the large pot gives the plant a more sophisticated look.” But why stop there? Garrison notes that Costco even has great planters, too!