16 Easy DIY Ideas for Decorating with Pumpkins

updated Aug 22, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Craft Stylist: Brigitt Earley

When it comes to symbols of autumn, there are a lot of classics to choose from: fallen leaves in fiery shades, crisp apples and hot apple cider, cornucopias, and more. But it’s hard to think of anything more pervasive than the pumpkin. Pumpkins pop up on steps and stoops in their whole forms or carved up, or even stacked to create a whimsical pumpkin arch (albeit in their faux form).

Pumpkins make for great seasonal decor for a few reasons. First, they come in sizes ranging from palm-sized to wheelbarrow-sized, which means they can suit small spaces like side tables or large ones like porches. Pumpkins also come in a range of shades, from creamy white to deep orange, with shades of pink, green, brown, and even blue sometimes available, too. So whether you want to stick to a classic fall color palette of oranges and yellows or try something a little more out-of-the-box, you’ll be able to find something that suits your style.

As for pumpkin decorating ideas, you’ve got lots of options. Sure, the jack-o’-lantern is a classic, but there are tons of other easy ways to turn pumpkins into stylish seasonal decor. Here, 12 ways to decorate with pumpkins all around your home.

Tips for Decorating With Pumpkins

  • Mix shapes and sizes to create visual interest and contrast.
  • Group multiple pumpkins together for a full look.
  • Don’t be afraid to play with color (orange isn’t the only option!) — there are plenty of interesting pumpkin varieties.
  • Pair pumpkins with other decorative accessories (like candles, greenery, dried flowers, books, and more) to blend them with your existing decor.

1. Pumpkin Candlestick Holders

Think outside the box and turn pumpkins into candlestick holders, as seen in this stylish fall tablescape by Toni Mogensen. Simply carve out a few taper-sized holes, then style your pumpkin candlestick holders as a Thanksgiving table decoration, the finishing touch on a front porch display, or accenting fall-inspired mantle decor.

2. Succulent-Topped Pumpkins

Voluminous succulent-adorned pumpkins are one of the cutest ways to dress up your space for fall — just take a look at this trio by Kreation Succulents. They’re super easy to put together, too. You just need some succulent plants, dried moss, a pumpkin or two, and either floral glue or a hot glue gun.

3. Boho-Inspired Pastel Pumpkins

You’re not limited to just orange and white when it comes to decorating with pumpkins. Stephanie Hoey Interiors proves that a pastel color palette can be equally as stylish and eye-catching. Here, a combination of painted pumpkins and heritage varieties help to create a boho-inspired fall front door display that’s unique and chic.

4. Pumpkin-Filled Mantel

Get inspired by Victoria Goldstein Design and give your mantel a fall makeover by filling it to the brim with pumpkins. You can easily customize this style to match your home decor by choosing pumpkins with specific colors and textures, or adding greenery and accessories like candles or string lights. For a fuller look, try pairing a few different sizes and shapes together.

5. DIY Mini Pumpkin Candles

Instead of carving pumpkins to put candles inside, as you would with a jack-o’-lantern, let the pumpkins be the candles. Here, Sara of Alice & Lois turned small and medium pumpkins into votive candles that will add ambiance wherever you put them.

Credit: Amber Thrane

6. Stacked Pumpkin Fireplace Display

More is more when filling up a fireplace. Copy designer Amber Thrane and fill your (nonworking or temporarily on break) hearth with a stack of pumpkins in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Amber also has a tutorial if you want to make that incredible pampas hanging. You can find seven more DIY fall mantel decor ideas here.

7. Painted Pumpkins

You don’t need to grab a knife to turn pumpkins into art. Acrylic craft paint will do the job just fine. You can paint designs on pumpkins, like cute mini doughnuts, trendy terrazzo patterns, or even a functional display like the party menu from The Merrythought shown above.

8. Bar Cart Pumpkin Display

Turn your bar cart into a seasonal harvest cart by piling it high with pumpkins. Copy this look, from Home Stories A to Z, by choosing pumpkins in a variety of sizes but all the same color — or go for a mix of tones and textures. Then, sprinkle in some fresh greenery; here, oak leaves and lamb’s ear are part of the display.

9. Stacked Pumpkin Topiaries

An easy way to make a big impact with only a little effort? Stack pumpkins on top of each other to create a tall display, like this one from House of Hawthornes. Choose pumpkins with a flatter shape for the bottom two tiers to ensure easier stacking, then surround the display with seasonal plantings like mums or ornamental cabbage.

10. Mini Pumpkin Topiaries

You can also bring the stacked look indoors with tiny topiaries. These miniature stacks, designed by Lori of Giggle Living, would look great on a console, side table, or open shelf. Adding touches of moss or other greenery helps blend the three tiers.

Credit: Sarah Gunn

11. Cake Stand Pumpkin Display

You don’t necessarily need more than one pumpkin to make a statement. Elevate a single favorite by placing it on a cake stand and surrounding it with complementary florals, like Sarah Gunn did here with a white pumpkin and sprays of baby’s breath.

Credit: Kelley Nan

12. Gathered Pail of Pumpkins

Here’s another low effort decor piece that makes a big impact. Blogger Kelley Nan’s harvest bundle looks extremely elegant inside a gold bucket — and all she did was toss them inside and add a throw to the edge. For an even more bountiful look, add a small stack next to your bucket, too.

13. Glass Cloche Pumpkin Display

A glass cloche is a handy decor piece to have on hand. You can use it to display fussy humidity-loving plants, of course, or you can use it to elevate your seasonal decor. Here, Crissy from First Day of Home decorated her dining table with a pair of pumpkins and a couple flower stems under a beautiful yet simple glass cloche. Get even more decor inspiration by checking out her fall home tour on First Day of Home.

14. Pumpkin Floral Vase

You can also use your pumpkin as a vessel to display your floral arrangements, like Manda of The Merrythought. You’ll need to cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin (real or faux) that’s big enough to fit your chosen vase, then make sure to level out the inside of the pumpkin so that the container can stand flat. After that, you’ll just need to pop in your favorite flowers.

Credit: Jojotastic

15. Mini Pumpkin Twinkle Light Decor

When in doubt, add twinkle lights. Above, Joanna of Jojotastic made a simple bowl of mini pumpkins look downright magical by tucking battery-operated twinkle lights around them.

Credit: Modern Glam

16. Pumpkin Place Cards

Hosts, this one’s for you. Wow any dinner guests with a personalized pumpkin place card, writing their names on mini pumpkins (directly on the skin, or on a tag tied to the stem) and placing one at each seat. Add a sprig of rosemary beneath, like Ashley of Modern Glam did, and the whole setup will look like a five-star party (with one-star effort).