20 Ways to DIY a Boho-Style Christmas Tree

updated Dec 20, 2023
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white Christmas tree covered in pom pom and tassel ornaments

So you’re aiming for a boho-themed Christmas tree this year, and you’re feeling a little stumped about how to make that happen. (Pun very much intended.) The good news is that bringing a tree into your living room is very boho on its own — meaning that by bringing the outdoors in, you’re already halfway there. And there are plenty of options to help you take it the rest of the way all on your own. 

Boho style is all about an unapologetic combination of colors, textures, and patterns with a natural bent. Think: florals, rope, grasses, tassels, and other cozy, lived-in elements that let you embrace your inner maximalist — all of which are super DIY-friendly.

In short, there’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to your boho Christmas tree, so from ornaments, to tree skirts, to twinkling lights and stars, here’s everything you need to welcome a breezy bit of warmth and cheer into your home this holiday season.

1. Swirling Wood Slat Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is for boho decor-loving minimalists. Instead of a traditional evergreen, this tree from Jaharn Quinn at Smor Home is made using a stack of natural wood slats that gradually go from big (at the bottom) to little (at the top) to create a triangle shape. There are lots of ways to display this tree, too, depending on how to you spin the different wood pieces.

2. Dowel Christmas Tree

Another non-traditional Christmas tree from Jaharn Quinn of Smor Home, this one is made with tented dowels that form a cone shape. From there, wrap garland of any style around and finally, decorate with your favorite boho ornaments.

Credit: DIY Darling

3. Christmas Tree Candle

OK, this isn’t a Christmas tree — but it is a candle display meant to evoke the feeling of a Christmas tree, which makes it a practical pick for anyone who’s short on space. The project, from DIY Darling, uses a pretty slice of wood for the base. After that, the candles you choose are up to you.

4. Boho Christmas Village Display

Traditional Christmas villages usually make their home on mantels or consoles. Boho Christmas village displays, though, nestle themselves in the boughs of trees and wreaths. Take a cue from this project from Girl About Columbus, which uses a palette of natural colors and textures.

5. Natural Wood Starburst Tree Topper

This starburst tree topper from Delineate Your Dwelling is beautiful in its natural wood tones, making it a fit for any boho-style spaces that lean on breezy neutral color schemes. But if you’re more of a maximalist boho lover, you can customize the color to suit your space.

6. Fabric-Wrapped Gifts

What’s under the tree can be just as gorgeous as what’s on it. These fabric-wrapped gifts from Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete are made extra special with natural elements like dried leaves and orange slices added as toppers.

7. Pampas Grass Tree

Why add a touch of boho-popular pampas grass to your tree when instead, you can have an entire tree full of it, like @flaurabotanica has done. We recommend purchasing a white tree and adding copious amounts of pampas grass to it for a natural, if a bit flamboyant, look. 

8. Tassel Ornaments

This DIY ornaments from Crazy Wonderful are the perfect finishing touch for your boho Christmas tree, and they’re super simple to make. All you’ll need is yarn and a few wooden beads. Check out the site for a tutorial. 

Credit: www.etsy.com

9. Wool Fiber Ornaments

For a natural alternative to those round glass ornaments you see on every Christmas tree, try a DIY version of these chic ornaments from Etsy shop PBcreativeCo. All you’ll need is a tennis ball, some hot glue and some neutral-colored yarn to pull off this look for your boho Christmas tree. 

Credit: Kristina

10. Crocheted Tree Skirt

This crocheted tree skirt represents the boho trifecta: tassels, texture, and wooden beads. Even better, it’s made from a pattern by @cozynooksdesigns, so you can stick with the subtle, Scandi-themed shades pictured here, or reach for any colorful skeins you have lying around. The more clashing, the merrier.

11. Faux Flower Ornaments

Flowers and trees make so much sense together that it’s honestly surprising you don’t see this combination more often. But blossoms and blooms are perfect for a boho theme; place them in a continuous swirl around the tree or studded among other ornaments and colorful greeting cards for a riot of eye-catching color.

Credit: Korie Herold

12. Sweet-Smelling Citrus Garland

The only problem with these stunning citrus garlands is that you won’t be able to make just one. The moment you’ve turned off the oven after drying your first tree-decorating batch—put them in for three hours at 200 degrees, suggests Instagrammer Korie Herold—you’ll be aching to slice up some more juicy mandarins to decorate your mantelpiece as well.

13. Pampas Grass Tree Topper

When it came to choosing a tree-topper, Instagrammer Vanessa Marie looked no further than nature itself. She crowned her autumn-themed tree with a spray of pampas, tying it into the rest of her decorations with matching golden sprigs down below, and finishing the look with the final pumpkins of the season.

14. DIY String Star Ornament 

For a more traditional look, the folks over at Ey to Zee Creative have you covered, with a template for a string-wrapped star that’s as budget-friendly as it is striking. (And, again, customizable—try using a yarn flecked with sparkles for a frost-kissed look.) Follow their instructions to build your star with just a few supplies you probably already have at home, then place the finished product at the top of the tree in the position of honor. You can also nestle the stars among the needles where your twinkly lights can shine through.

15. Easy Macrame Ornaments

Blogger Rachel Alford doesn’t just come up with ingenius DIY boho designs. She also offers up many of them for free at her website, Cozy Nooks Designs, and this year’s three ornaments are can’t-miss. All you’ll need to craft your own macrame tree or whimsical wreath is some stiff cotton wool, a wood ring, and some beads, and your tree will be brimming with boho vibes in no time.

16. Tassels, Yarn, and Pom Poms

This tasseled, pom pom-covered creation is for for color lovers. The maximalist delight works especially well on an artificial or flocked tree, which makes these bright hues pop. Cram it with all your favorite colors, shapes, and beaded garlands, and just when it starts to feel like too much… add a little more.

17. Hanging Planter Ornaments

It’s hard to think of anything more boho than a macrame hanging planter overflowing with greenery. These ornaments from A Beautiful Mess nail the look exactly, with teeny terracotta pots filled with faux succulents.

18. Simple and Chic Wooden Bead Ornaments

What’s cool about these chic, organic wooden bead creations from Instagrammer Joy in the Journey is that they’re easy to make, and absolutely delightful as ornaments. Or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, just keep stringing simple wooden beads on a string and all of a sudden you’ve made yourself a festive garland that will fit with literally any decor.

19. Luxe Velvet and Pom Pom Tree Skirt

This no-sew tree skirt from Design Love Fest is dotted with yarn pom poms for a fun pop of color. You can customize it to be any hue you want—and all you’ll need to pull it together is fabric, scissors, glue, and yarn.

20. Christmas-y Cactus

When it comes to boho style, there are even options for those without trees. Embrace the Southwestern side of life by (carefully!) wrapping your living cactus in twinkly lights, or create your own DIY saguaro like the folks at Hey Wanderer, and then adorn it with lights, dainty flowers, colorful ornaments, and garlands. Basically, anything (and everything) your little heart desires.