See the “Precious” Project That Went Viral for Dog-Lovers Everywhere

published Mar 8, 2024
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Not much is stronger than a dog owner’s love for their pet. So many people consider dogs to be a part of their family that when a pet passes, it’s hard to know how to honor their memory.

TikToker Shari B (shariblivin) recently shared a brilliant way to commemorate her golden retriever, Max, after he passed away. Months after Max passed, Shari was in the process of refinishing her old and worn staircase when she realized the new layer of paint would cover up Max’s favorite stair to sit on. After years of sitting on the same step, the wood had created an indent where he used to sleep.

Shari knew that she couldn’t paint over Max’s favorite step, so during her home renovation she took the time to preserve the faded spot where he had once slept. She painted over the bare step with a clear coat of paint and framed it to be in the style of the rest of the new black stairs, adding a subtle memorial plaque with Max’s name and living years beside it.

Commenters shared memories of their own dogs, saying “I didn’t clean my dog’s nose prints off the front window for 4 years after he had passed,” and “[My dog] ruined a wall at home; I got so mad in the moment and now that she is gone … I don’t plan on fixing it ever.” 

Credit: Irina Vaneeva/Shutterstock

Shari’s home project was the perfect tribute to her sweet dog, and there are so many more personalized ways to remember those we love. There’s no wrong way to memorialize a pet (or person!) — sometimes all it takes is a simple project so they can live on in your heart.