Drew Barrymore’s Kitchen Tools Are Tucked Away in the Most Ingenious Spot

published Jul 10, 2024
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Drew Barrymore headshot in template, pink.
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

If you’ve been tuned in to Drew Barrymore’s social media in recent years, then you already know just how normal her home life looks to be. From what she posts on Instagram, it seems like Barrymore lives modestly in a New York City apartment (or at least one of her NYC apartments) that’s far from the behemoth estates you’d associate with A-listers. Earlier this year, Barrymore’s fans loved seeing her butcher block countertops and white stove in her kitchen so much because they looked identical to the kitchens so many renters are familiar with.

And because she lives so humbly, her home decor is easy to draw inspiration from. (Her bathroom gallery wall is a trend just waiting to take off, mark my words.) When I saw the magnetic knife block sitting above that now-famous white kitchen stove, my first thought was, “I can do that!”

Barrymore’s magnetic knife block is extra long, making it perfect for holding not just knives, but various kitchen shears too. And because it’s mounted against the wall behind the stove, it makes grabbing the right knife for the job quick and easy. Plus, it makes great use of the space above the stovetop while keeping clutter off her limited counter space and keeps the tools you reach for again and again directly in your line of sight. 

You can find these mountable knife holders pretty much anywhere, with some companies and Etsy sellers even offering customization options for monograms or other engravings. Whether you put it above your stove or underneath a section of your upper kitchen cabinets, it’ll make your workspace a lot more practical. And when you’re dealing with a small space, like it seems Barrymore is, it’s important to think vertically when it comes to organization and storage. 

At the start of 2024, The Pioneer Woman showed off a similar look in her rustic kitchen. Instead of stowing her pots and pans in kitchen cabinets or having them hanging as a ceiling pot rack in the center of her kitchen, The Pioneer Woman tucked her pots and pans directly under her range hood, above her stovetop, with brass rail with hooks for each piece of cookware.   

The end result is a stylish and practical display — and I’m going to try it, too!