Drew Barrymore Put a Gallery Wall in The Most Surprising Place

published May 21, 2024
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headshot of Drew Barrymore
Credit: Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Thanks to social media, Drew Barrymore has become somewhat of a home decor icon in recent years. She’s always getting love for how lived-in and loved her space looks, including her surprisingly normal (for a celeb, that is) white stove. And now Barrymore has given us yet another reason to idolize her design style: She just shared a totally unexpected gallery wall idea, and cluttercore and eclectic enthusiasts are going to flip.

In a recent TikTok video, Barrymore took her followers on a quick tour of her tattoos (and her new tattoo care routine). She also quickly panned around her bathroom, where you can see she has a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall opposite the toilet

In fact, it seems like almost every inch of wall space is covered in a collection of art — and that’s definitely not something you usually see in a bathroom, of all places!

There doesn’t seem to be any cohesive theme or color palette throughout the wall art; instead it looks as though it’s been curated organically as she’s assembled pieces throughout the years. She even has school pictures, homemade cards, and letters simply tacked or taped to the wall in certain areas. 

Her bathroom seems like it’s kind of the refrigerator of her home — everything that’s important to remember or marks an achievement gets a spot on the wall. And what’s not to love about that?

Of course, there’s some risk in putting art and sentimental pieces in a bathroom because it’s a space that sees a lot of moisture. So if you’re thinking of doing something Barrymore-inspired in your own home, make sure you always use your bathroom fan when you shower to quickly remove steam and prevent warping or molding. 

Either way, bathrooms have walls, too, so they might as well get art-ified!