11 Easter Gift Ideas (for Adults!) Under $25

updated Apr 3, 2020
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In my mind, there are holidays that become better with adulthood, and holidays that become worse (or, at the very least, just much more boring). Halloween, though still a ton of fun, loses some of its excitement by the time you’ve hit your early 20s and trick-or-treating is no longer an option. Thanksgiving can become better (wine!), but also a little worse too (family drama!). New Year’s Eve is similar. For those who celebrate Easter, though, it’s easy to understand why the holiday loses just a bit of sparkle when you aren’t hunting for a chocolate-filled basket at the crack of dawn each year. But gift-giving? It’s always fun.

Why not use this Easter to surprise the other Easter-celebrating adults in your life with a special care package. Nothing can quite compete with plastic Easter eggs filled with candy or (if you’re really lucky) dollar bills, but receiving a gift is fun no matter what the occasion, so why not? It’ll let people know you’re thinking of them, even from afar.

Gourmet Sour Gummy Bunnies 

This is a more adult spin on the sour candy we all loved as kids. Trust me, if you have a friend or family member who can’t get enough candy (but never treats themselves to the good stuff), this will make their day.

Buy: Sour Gummy Bunnies, $12.76 at Williams Sonoma

Credit: Target

Spring-y Pajama Pants 

Everyone loves being gifted pajamas. It’s the perfect excuse to finally throw out the tattered sweatpants from college we’re all still wearing to bed (and everywhere else). These pants aren’t Easter-themed exactly, but they do reflect the springy and bright nature of the holiday, so they still work.

Buy: Floral Print Simply Cool Pajama Pants, $17.99 at Target

Credit: World Market

Stoneware Mugs

Fill them up with some treats for an adult Easter basket care package, or simply give them as is. Either way, these are hard not to love.

Buy: Organic Stoneware Mugs, $17.97 for a set of 3 at World Market

Dried Flower Wreath

Who says wreaths are only for winter holidays? This one is perfect to dress up your front door for Easter or spring.

Buy: Spring Wildflowers Wreath, $139.95 from TheBlaithinBlairShop on Etsy

Heirloom Flower Seed Mix 

Consider gifting a friend or partner some flower seeds (and other gardening accessories, if you want!) to encourage them to plant some pretty things in the new season.

Buy: Heirloom Flower Seed Mix, $10.95 for ¼ pound mix at Eden Brothers

Indoor Herb Growing Kit

This is an Easter-related activity (spring, new growth, etc.) that would be fun for adults and kids—plus, the benefits of the project last for months.

Buy: Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit, $23.97 from MyGardenProvisions on Etsy

German Chocolate Egg Truffles

We all know these little egg chocolates from growing up, but the tin these fancy chocolate truffles come in is gorgeous. Gift these yummy treats to someone you love and suggest some different ways they can use the pretty box they come in in their home after. Two gifts in one!

Buy: German Chocolate Egg Truffles, $11.96 at Williams Sonoma

Truffle Butter

…and if you’re not really into chocolate truffles, consider something that’s a play on traditional Easter chocolate by gifting this luxurious truffle butter instead. Yum.

Buy: Regalis White Truffle Butter, $24.95 at Williams Sonoma

A Star Wars Trivet

Specific? Yes. “Star Wars”-themed? Yes. Baking-related and therefore Easter-adjacent? Also yes.

Buy: Le Creuset 8″ Silicone Trivet-Star Wars Death Star, $20 at Williams Sonoma

Credit: Pro Flowers

Cypress Tree

Flowers may be a little too on-the-nose for a spring-themed holiday, but this Cypress tree is a good alternative (and priced super reasonably). 

Buy: Dove Cypress Tree, $20 at Pro Flowers

Credit: Amazon

A Flowery Candle

Giving a candle as a gift (especially if it’s a Yankee Candle) is always a good idea, trust me—especially if the person you’re giving the gift too is probably in need of changing out their winter and fall candles to something brighter and fresher for the new season.

Buy: Flowers in The Sun Yankee Candle, $20.85 at Amazon