15 Editor-Tested Mattresses You Can Score on Sale This Presidents’ Day for a Better Night’s Sleep

updated Feb 16, 2024
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Presidents’ Day is a great time to save big on many must-haves for your home, but there’s one product in particular that we suggest looking into above the rest: mattresses. Having the right mattress is crucial to ensuring a good night’s sleep — according to the National Sleep Foundation, adults 18 and older need at least seven hours a night of quality sleep for their health — so it’s one thing you don’t want to skimp out on. However, we know that they can be a pricey purchase. Plus, with so many on the market today, it can be hard to tell which ones are really worth your money. So, to make things easier for you, we rounded up 15 of our all-time favorite mattresses, all tested by the team here at Apartment Therapy, that are also on sale this holiday weekend. How’s that for a deal?

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Cocoon by Sealy
was $1389.00

It takes a lot for a product to win a spot on our Best List, let alone for it to win the "Best Overall" category, but the Chill mattress managed to do just that thanks to its comfy, medium-firm construction and cooling outer layer. “It’s extremely comfortable, doesn’t move or bounce when your partner gets out of bed/moves around, and is very light/easy to move,” said Marisa, our sales research and consumer insights associate director. The mattress's combination of Perfect Fit memory foam and fabric-encased coils also provides back and hip support and relieves pressure points. Sweet dreams await.

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was $995.00

Consistently highly rated on online reviews, Casper's Memory Foam mattress marries the comfort of memory foam with breathability and zoned support for your spine and has been doing so for 10 years now. This mattress boasts a total of four layers, which are designed to keep you from tossing and turning and it will help you stay cool and asleep all night long. AT cleaning and organizing editor Stephanie described it as neither too soft nor too firm. In other words, it's both comfortable and supportive. No wonder it's a reader favorite, too!

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Stearns & Foster
was $2399.00

If you prefer a firm mattress, you know what a challenge it can be to find one that's also supportive. But after trying the Stearns & Foster Estate mattress, which comes in both firm and soft versions, senior commerce editor Alicia knew she'd found the bed of her dreams. "The Stearns & Foster Estate mattress’s memory foam conforms to my shape," she wrote. "My body feels supported, but this firm mattress isn’t so hard that I feel uncomfortable, like with my previous mattress. It also isolates movement. I can still tell when my boyfriend rolls over, but if he shifts his sleeping position, the mattress doesn’t even move." You'll also find its memory foam to stay cool throughout the night, preventing discomfort and overheating.

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was $1995.00

Innerspring mattresses might be an old-school style, but when constructed with modern materials, they can provide excellent support and durability. Mark, our director of commerce, has dealt with back pain from years of sleeping on sofa beds, cheap mattresses, and sleeper sofas, but after a year of living with this Saatva mattress, he’s found that it keeps him comfortable and well-rested every time. While the top layer is firm, it’s also plush, cushy, and breathable — in fact, Mark says, it’s “kept me comfortable throughout the brutally hot summer months, whether I’m sleeping on my side, back, or stomach.” Mark adds that this mattress definitely feels like a major upgrade from his former favorite for back pain.

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Big Fig Mattress
was $1899.00

When it comes to shopping for mattresses, it can be harder for plus-sized people to find the right fit. Enter: Big Fig, the first brand devoted to making mattresses for a bigger figure. Our favorite hybrid mattress, it features a high-density construction that fights any sagging and is soft and comfy while still being bouncy, supportive, and strong, aka everything that matters to a plus-size sleeper. And with a 20-year warranty, they’ve got your back. “My partner and I are both larger-bodied, and we love the support Big Fig provides,” says AT contributor Tara. “It’s a very thick mattress and doesn’t sag, even when sitting on the edge of the bed.” To keep from overheating at night too, the mattress features thermogel cooling technology."

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My Green Mattress
was $1699.00

If an all-natural, organic mattress is on your must-have list, go with our top pick: the Natural Escape Mattress from My Green Mattress. This mattress will not only make you feel good about what you’re sleeping on, but you’ll also feel great after a good night’s sleep. With a medium-firm feel, a design that works for all sleepers, and 1,462 pocketed innerspring coils, which give the sleeper lumbar and spine support and decrease the chance that you'll feel your partner tossing and turning throughout the night, it's a tough one to beat. “I’m in love with this mattress!” says Jill, our tester. “It’s supportive, comfortable, and I’ve never slept better."

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was $899.00

Hot sleepers, this one is made for you. A favorite of Best List editor Britt, the Molecule 1 Mattress offers four laters of comfort with an antimicrobial Microban cover that helps to regulate temperature and protect the mattress from odors and stains, a RestoreFlo foam layer follow that allows airflow, a RecoveryFlo layer that offers self-adjusting support to different areas of the body, and a CounterFlo base layer that provides foundational support and additional airflow and heat transferability. "The many cooling properties of the Molecule 1 mattress were a feature I found particularly refreshing as a hot sleeper who relies on moisture-wicking bedding that keeps me comfortable all night," shared Britt. "I couldn’t believe how well I slept on it. I didn’t want to get out of bed the next morning!"

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was $1399.00

For memory foam lovers, there's one mattress you should be keeping on your radar: the Sweetnight Prime Memory Foam Mattress “My months-long search for the perfect mattress for our guest bedroom has finally come to an end, thanks to this innovative find," shared executive lifestyle director Charli. "[This mattress] features four — yes, four! — different firmness profiles, which means it gives side, back, and stomach sleepers a good night’s sleep. Of course, I had fun trying out each one after unboxing it. To switch it up, all you have to do is flip or rotate the mattress to change up the experience. Plus, it’s giving off all the luxury vibes you crave in a good mattress, complete with a gel-infused layer inside the memory foam; a plush, cozy feel; and a checkered mattress cover. I’m going to rest a little easier now, too, knowing that going forward our guests will get to customize their bedtime experience.”

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was $2399.00

Our favorite mattress for back pain (it’s a fan favorite with not one, but two testers), Purple’s unique gel grid surrounds your body with comfort as you move throughout the night. These edge-to-edge coils respond to every shift your body makes so that you’re cradled from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes. This mattress will also be a game-changer for couples who could use some pain relief and restoration at night as it offers all the support with limited motion transfer.

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Pillow Cube
was $2999.99

Sleep on your side? Then Pillow Cube’s Perfect Luxury Mattress for Side Sleepers is for you. It’s divided into two zones to keep your hips and spine cradled, which helps relieve shoulder, neck, and back pain. The medium-soft mattress also touts a plush pillow cover and Firm Foundation base layer to maximize comfort and prevent sinking. “I didn’t realize how bad my previous mattress was until trying this one,” says social media manager, Sam. “It’s so soft and I love melting into it every day because it’s so comfortable and cozy. It’s the perfect level of softness and makes falling asleep so easy.”

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was $2199.00

TEMPUR-Pedic is one of the most sought-after mattress brands around. Our favorite pick? The perfectly balanced TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress with Hybrid Technology. "What I found to be the most surprising about the TEMPUR-Cloud Hybrid is that it’s far more supportive than it seems at first touch," said Best List editor Britt. "Its innovation lies in its ability to conform to your sleeping shape, no matter which way you turn. So, if you’re like me and prone to change positions through the night, you won’t wake up due to a lack of comfort. Thanks to its middle TEMPUR Support layer, the mattress stays delightfully firm underneath you and changes those pressure points depending on your position. As a result, my sleep went undisturbed because I wasn’t fighting to find the cozy spot on the bed because the cozy spot naturally found me. When I woke up, I felt incredibly rested."

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Bear Mattress
was $2305.00

After a history of back problems, Ian, our sister site's senior commerce editor, decided to give this Bear Elite Hybrid mattress a try. With its hand-quilted cushion cover, three layers of supportive foam, and two layers of coils, this cooling mattress had him sleeping like a baby. "Besides the unparalleled cooling power, my favorite aspect of the Elite Hybrid is that it’s the perfect compromise for my girlfriend and I — but it doesn’t feel like a compromise," he wrote. "I feel like I got the better end of the deal with a firm mattress, while my girlfriend thinks she got the better end of the deal with a soft mattress." In the end, it's sweet dreams all around.

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was $2395.00

This body-hugging, 5-pound memory foam mattress is a favorite of contributor Spencer and his wife, who love it for its cushiony, weightless effect that still provides more than enough support. “Both of us have also found ourselves, for some reason, waking up sleeping on our backs rather than on our sides,” he observed. “Whatever the explanation for this change, we’ll take it. Our backs are already thanking us.”

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Brooklyn Bedding
was $2265.00

After this cooling-infused foam mattress blew up on the internet, I simply had no choice but to try it out for myself. Prior to sleeping on its moisture-wicking surface, I would frequently wake up feeling stiff and drenched in sweat. After one night on the Aurora, however, I slept soundly, and comfortably, and finally woke up without a bead of sweat on my forehead. In addition to its heat-repelling properties, the mattress also conforms to the body to provide excellent pressure point relief from head to toe. No matter what kind of sleeper you are, you're sure to love it just as much as I do.

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Helix Sleep
was $748.80

When it comes to kids' mattresses, our favorite one around is the Helix Kids Mattress. While there's a lot to love about this mattress, its biggest plus is the flippable design — firm on one side for younger kids who need more support, and softer on the other side for older kids who want more comfort, meaning your kiddo can literally grow up with this mattress. It also has a ton of certifications that ensure it’s made with high-quality, naturally hypoallergenic materials. The 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty only sweeten the deal.

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