I Finally Found a Fitted Sheet That Fits My Ultra-Thick Mattress for Only $20

published May 6, 2024
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Neatly made bed in NYC apartment.
Credit: Erin Derby

Thanks to my job here at Apartment Therapy, I pretty much have my pick of the best bedding, from cozy blankets to sheet sets from all of my favorite brands. It usually feels like my closet is overflowing with quilts and comforters, and deciding which sheets and covering will outfit my bed next is almost as fun as picking my own outfits. At least this was the case until about five months ago when I got a new mattress. Little did I know until it arrived at my door that this was the tallest mattress on Earth — 20 inches tall, to be exact. Suddenly, none of my luxurious sheet sets fit anymore. After a few weeks of tugging too-small fitted sheets onto my mattress, I resolved to find a new go-to that could accommodate the entire height. Luckily, my favorite fitted linen sheet was still usable, so the goal was to find one more to alternate with them.

I did some browsing on Amazon and came across the Empyrean extra deep fitted sheet. I didn’t expect much for the modest $20 price tag, but I was willing to put up with slightly poor quality because I was in such a pinch. That said, I’m happy to report that the sheet has far exceeded my expectations in terms of both size and comfort.

What Is the Empyrean Extra Deep Fitted Sheet?

As you can imagine, there were many options for deep pocket sheets on Amazon, but one of the main things that drew me to this one was its fabrication. The Empyrean sheet is made from microfiber, a material known for its softness. I’ve slept on cheap “cotton” bedding from Amazon before and it felt like plastic, so I didn’t want a cotton sheet. Additionally, many of the fitted sheets I looked at claimed to be for thick mattresses, but they could only accommodate mattresses up to 15 inches or, at most, 18 inches tall. But this sheet claimed to be able to accommodate a whopping 24 inches. I also liked how many color options were available. After looking at photos from the reviews, I decided that the “beige cream” color was exactly what I wanted for my neutral-toned bedding setup. Finally, I appreciated that this sheet came on its own, without pillow shams or a flat sheet, both of which I already have.

Credit: Empyrean Bedding

Why I Love the Empyrean Extra Deep Fitted Sheet

When my new fitted sheet arrived, I was delighted that it felt as soft as I had hoped. It’s also described on Amazon as feeling “buttery-smooth,” which is true, too. I’d classify it as a cross between flannel and satin — it’s somehow both cozy and silky. I’ve washed it twice so far and it has held up great, but I do anticipate it possibly pilling over time because of the softness, like the way flannel sheets tend to. But because you can’t see the sheet when my bed is made, it’s not a big deal to me.

Next, I’m sure you’re wondering how it fits. Not only was the fitted sheet able to fully cover my mattress, but there was also extra fabric to pull under it once all four corners were in place. At the corners, there are elastic straps to help the sheet stay secure, which I found very helpful. I toss a lot throughout the night, but the sheet has not moved since I pulled it down. What’s more, the beige color looks exactly as pictured, so it matches the rest of my bedding perfectly. In short, I have zero complaints about my new fitted sheet. It is, indeed, extra deep. So if you also have a thick mattress, do yourself a favor and try it out — especially while it’s on sale for $20.

Buy: Empyrean Extra Deep Fitted Sheet, Queen, $19.99 (normally $29.99)