The Versatile, Chic Tote That Two AT Editors Are Obsessed With Is 60% Off Right Now

published Jan 5, 2022
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Totes are a dime a dozen, often literally. As writers and editors based in New York City, we are no strangers to the tote bag and often use it as our go-to briefcase, travel bag, shopper, and sometimes… purse. Turns out, canvas shoppers aren’t actually all that eco-friendly when they have to be replaced every few months. During our routine morning meeting today, we discovered that the Everlane Do-It-All Tote is actually already a team favorite. And since it’s also 60 percent off of its original price right now, we were all but summoned by the deities of shopping to share our thoughts ASAP.

“As soon as I saw this bag online, I knew it wasn’t just your average tote bag,” managing editor Ivy told me. “I was thrilled to find out that I was right.” And, boy, is she — I’m a huge fan myself! I’ve had my Do-It-All Tote for over a year and, to my amazement, it still looks like it did the day I took it out of the package. Its Tencel and recycled polyester blend knit material is smooth to the touch, looks quite luxe, and stretches in every direction, springing right back into place when the job is done.

Personally, I’ve filled this bag with a disturbing amount of stuff, be it for a work shoot or for an entire getaway weekend’s worth of essentials. It’s practically like Spanx for your belongings. “The size is perfect for traveling, holding everyday essentials and/or a few goods from an errand or grocery store run,” Ivy adds. The bag’s material “is unlike any I’ve had before when it comes to a tote, and it can be easily tossed in the wash,” without risking fading any screen-printed designs, dyes, or shrinking the tote overall. which tends to happen with run-of-the-mill totes. “You can stash it in a suitcase or larger bag and it won’t wrinkle, and it’s also incredibly chic.”

Ivy and I both love that since the strap is long enough and made from the same deceptively elastic material, the tote can also be worn as a crossbody for safe traveling. This makes it ideal as a carry-on-turned-purse or work-bag-turned-grocery-shopper, as long as you’re cool being stopped by strangers so they can ask where it’s from. “It really can do it all — and looks great during!” Hear, hear, Ivy.

Buy: Everlane Do-It-All Tote, $24 (originally $60)