This TikTok Video Shows You How to Fold a Fitted Sheet In 30 Seconds Flat

published Apr 23, 2020
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If folding a fitted sheet is the bane of your household chore existence, the linen gods are here to grant you the folding technique of your dreams. OK, so maybe there aren’t any linen gods, but there is the gift of TikTok, where home organizing tips and home decor DIYs abound, along with the way to fold a fitted sheet in under 30 seconds flat—and it’s so much more simple than you ever thought possible.

TikTok user kristinalburn has been showing off her impressive domestic talents on the video sharing app, and her latest clip demonstrates how easy it is to fold your fitted sheet without an ounce of frustration. Burn, a former Bed Bath and Beyond employee that now runs her own cooking blog, shares how to properly (and quickly!) get the job done. All you need is a table and the tiniest bit of patience.


How to fold a fitted sheet. Way easier than it seems! What household task do you want to see next? ##tiktokdiy ##laundryhack

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By laying the sheet out on the table with the elastic facing upward, you can grab the bottom two corners of the sheet, folding them inside out, and tucking them inside the top two corners. With your sheet folded in half, you can shake and smooth it out for an even fold.

Then, put the sheet back on the table with the elastic facing inward, making a square shape. Take the top of the sheet where the corners meet, and fold it inward, but only halfway. You’ll fold the bottom half over the top half.

You should have one long strip, so you can fold the right end inward, before folding the left. The ends will overlap a little, but you’ll still have a neat fold. Lastly, fold the sheet once more in half, which Burn notes “is not perfect, but it works.” 

She previously shared her genius technique for properly folding towels, so you’ll want to take notes on that one, too.