You Can Now Buy the Official “Love Is Blind” Golden Goblets

published Feb 27, 2024
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Love is Blind. (L to R) Chelsea, Jimmy in episode 608 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

For some, Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love, but for many this year, Feb. 14 also marked a momentous occasion: A new season of Love Is Blind dropped. The Emmy-nominated Netflix show, now in its sixth season, is well-known for its dubious premise — 30 contestants date each other through the walls of series of futuristic-looking “pods” (a.k.a. mini living rooms with a screen that allows them to communicate), talk for 10 days or until they fall in love, and then become engaged, sight unseen. What could go wrong?

But if you’re watching, even among all the reveals, tears, and drama unfolding, you know there’s one glimmering detail no one can take their eyes off: the iconic golden wine glasses. The gilded goblets appear in essentially every scene of the show, meaning they get more screen time than many of the contestants. And now, you can buy your very own, as Netflix just started selling the official Love Is Blind glasses.

They go for $20 each, which isn’t the most budget-friendly wine glass, but at 17 ounces, it’s a pretty hefty glass (definitely large enough to fuel any Love Is Blind drinking game — take a sip every time you see someone with a glass in their hand!). They’re also metallic and coated in a shiny gold finish, with a “Love Is Blind” logo prominently emblazoned in black. 

Only a few reviews are in on the Netflix site so far, with loyal viewers noting that the glass they ordered doesn’t look quite like the ones featured on the screen. “Doesn’t look like the one on the show. It’s too shiny you can’t even take a photo of it without seeing a reflection,” reads one review. “LOVE!!! But they do seem smaller in person!” says another. 

If you’re looking for another option, try this set of two golden wine glasses sold for $23 on Amazon, or this stemless pair for $33. (Of course, these don’t come stamped with the official logo.)

Wondering why the show is seemingly obsessed with gold glasses, anyway? Though series creator series creator Chris Coelen has said they use the prop as a fun piece of “connective tissue” throughout the show, there’s another answer many fans have pointed to: Opaque glasses means you can’t see how much liquid is left in the glass during any given scene, helping cut out continuity errors when they make cuts and move things around in editing. 

So, whichever gold goblets you opt to fill up for your viewing party, you’ll be playing a part of your own in the Love Is Blind universe. Remember, the finale comes out on March 6.