This $40 Stone Bath Mat Dries Almost Instantly — and Doubles as a Dish-Drying Station

updated Mar 23, 2023
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Who doesn’t love a product with multiple intended uses? Here at AT, we do our best to spotlight good ones when we find them, whether that’s a colander you can also use as a splatter guard and trivet, a toilet paper holder that doubles as a flushable wipe dispenser, or a coffee table with hidden storage. The item we’re calling your attention to today wasn’t necessarily designed with multiple purposes, but it might as well have been. Although the Graplife stone bath mat is just that — a bath mat — there’s nothing stopping you from finding other ways of putting it to use. But as far as it’s primary purpose, we feel it’s important to note that our editors are big fans of hard bath mats. They certainly beat stepping onto a soft, soggy one! The Graplife mat might be made of stone, but it’s undoubtedly every bit as stylish and easy to clean as a wooden one.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with sticking to the product instructions and using this stone accessory as a bath mat. Amazon shoppers say it does a great job of staying clean compared to traditional alternatives. “For the longest time, I used a typical shag bathroom mat but felt it was such a bacteria-harboring nightmare, even though I washed it regularly,” one reviewer noted. “Once I discovered the concept of a stone bath mat I was sold! The design of this one is so sleek… Highly recommend transitioning to this product to upgrade your bathroom!” Another customer mentioned the disgust they’d experience over having to step onto a wet fabric mat, writing that the stone mat “really does absorb the water immediately and leaves your feet dry!” And if you’re worried about feeling a cold shock upon touching the stone, don’t! Reviewers also say the stone mat stays warmer than bathroom tile flooring.

When we first saw the stone bath mat, however, we couldn’t help but think about how great it would also be as a dish drying spot. If you have the counter space to spare, you could easily place it next to your sink and keep freshly washed bowls and cups on top as they air-dry. The mat’s grooves will catch any run-off, which you can then just shake off afterward. This is an especially fun idea if you typically hate the look of bulky dish racks; there’s no doubt that this flat stone surface will look much better. It even comes in a few different colors, so you can match yours to your space. And if you’re not sure where it’ll be a better fit, well, you might just grab two.

Buy: Graplife Stone Bath Mat, $39.99 (normally $49.99)