When Your Hanging Space Just Isn’t Cutting It

published Jun 18, 2017
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Some people live in homes with walk-in closets with nearly absurd amounts of hanging space. Others live in old, quirky apartments with one closet 24 inches wide. If you are less than blessed when it comes to hanging space, you may be scratching your head about where to put all your clothes. But there are solutions — and we’ve got plenty of them here. Here are ten ways to buy (or DIY!) your way to closet bliss.

#1: Double Up On Your Hanging Rods

(Image credit: Amazon)

A simple solution, especially if your hanging rod happens to be a bit higher, is to double up. It’s like having two closet in the space of one!

BUY: Adjustable hanging rod, $13.97 from Amazon. The height is adjustable, and, brilliantly, the length is too, allowing you to leave a little extra full-height space for dresses and coats.

(Image credit: The Family Handyman)

DIY: Make a secondary hanging rod with these instructions from The Family Handyman.

#2: Turn It Around

(Image credit: Livet Hemma)

By this I mean, install a short bar that’s perpendicular to the wall of your closet, as opposed to parallel to it — like the display racks you see at clothing stores.

BUY: IKEA’s Ekby Lerberg shelf backets aren’t designed for this… but they are weirdly great for the purpose. Also, they’re only $2 apiece.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)
(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

DIY: The short hanging rods in Bridget’s DIY Denver closet look like they were DIYed with elements from the hardware store.

#3: Use A Freestanding Garment Rack

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

If your closet just doesn’t have the space, a freestanding garment rack can be a lifesaver. Look for an especially pretty one that will complement your decor rather than competing with it.

BUY: Calvin double hanging rack, $189 from Urban Outfitters.

(Image credit: Smitten Studio)

DIY: Industrial pipe garment rack from Stories.

More DIY garment racks: 10 Stylish DIY Clothing Racks

#4. Mount a Hanging Rack (On Ceiling Or Wall)

(Image credit: Such & Such)

Like #3, but with a more minimal look — the perfect choice if you’ve comitted to your apartment for a while and are able to drill into the wall or ceiling.

BUY: Minimal hanging clothing rail, £265.00 from Such & Such.

(Image credit: Samichi Design)

BUY: Wall mount clothing rack, $145 from Samichi Design on Etsy.

(Image credit: Kekoni)

BUY: Hanging clothing rack, $78.93 from Kekoni on Etsy.

(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

DIY: Hanging copper pipe clothing rack from A Beautiful Mess.

#5: Mount a Hanging Rod in the Corner

(Image credit: CB2)

A diagonal bar stuck in an otherwise awkward and empty space is a clever way to make use of an overlooked space.

BUY: Corner hanging bar, $39.95 from CB2

(Image credit: Mint Love Social Club)

DIY: Industrial dress bar from Mint Love Social Club.

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