I Sent a Hygge Expert Photos of My Bedroom — Here’s How She’d Make It Cozier

published Feb 18, 2024
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Credit: Heather Bien

I’m in the midst of a complete home renovation, and I knew from the start that my bedroom makeover would be the first order of business — after all, it’s where I start and end each day. In my previous home, my room was full of comfy, neutral texture, but in this space I dove headfirst into the wallpapered blue-and-white bedroom of my childhood dreams.

And I love it.

Credit: Heather Bien
My bedroom, pre hygge-fication.

But it doesn’t have the cozy factor that I had in my old bedroom. It’s tailored. It’s pretty. It feels historic (cue my Felicity dreams). Where it’s lacking is a sense of hygge (aka the Danish word for comfort and coziness).

So I tapped Alexandra Gove, creator and founder of Avon, Colorado-based home and design shop Hygge Life, to give me a few tips on how to create a cozier space that would embrace the principles of hygge and balance out the cool blues and maximalist wallpaper of my bedroom.

Credit: Heather Bien
My bedroom nightstand in its current state.

A hygge home is not about perfection,” explains Gove. “It’s about creating a space that engages your senses and fosters intimacy and warmth.” She notes that a space curated with hygge in mind will inspire a feeling of comfort and encourage you to settle in and cultivate quiet moments. 

Here are the seven changes she’d make in my new space to amp up the hygge factor.

Credit: Heather Bien
A mockup of my bed with Gove’s hygge tips, including a textured pillow, a pillow with an interesting shape, and a cozy blanket for naps.

Create cozy layers.

Gove suggests adding soft, textural accents to the crisp white linens on my bed. “The addition of a pillow with nubby bouclé fabric will add more softness and warmth. Find a cozy texture or a fun shape.”

“Add an inviting layer to the end of your bed with a thick, textural napping blanket. In the warmer months, you could switch this to a lightweight layer,” says Gove. The ideal blanket for a hygge-filled room is one that works for an afternoon nap and snuggling up at night. 

Break up the wallpaper with wall accents.

When I chose this wallpaper, I assumed it would function as the art itself. Gove, however, advises that I bring in some accents to make it look less pristine. “The wallpaper is lovely but can be overwhelming. Break up the wallpaper pattern with a circular mirror or piece of art behind the bed and around the room,” says Gove.

Credit: Heather Bien
A mockup of my bedroom armchair draped with a soft throw, per Gove’s suggestion.

Add texture with sheepskin and soft materials.

Gove suggests adding natural, soft materials to bring hygge and warmth into the space. “Drape a soft throw blanket on the bedroom chair in the corner that invites you to sit and read or relax,” says Gove. She adds that a sheepskin rug on either side of the bed ensures you have a toasty first and last step of each day. 

Set out some candles.

Of course, candles are the backbone of any hygge-focused space. “We believe in burning candles every day and throughout each season — not only for the smell, but also for the ambience it brings to any space and moment,” says Gove. She suggests a pair of candle sconces on the wall with dripless candles to add a glow to the bedside.

Add personal details.

“Add more personal touches to the room, such as family photos or special decor pieces that mean something to you. Bring your favorite books into the space and place them under your bedside lights to both prop up the lights and bring a personal dimension to the space,” recommends Gove. She explains that these meaningful, personal details bring joy, which goes hand-in-hand with hygge. 

“A hygge space is not about perfection but about creating a space that speaks to you. Your bedroom is your sacred space so make it personal!” Gove says.

Credit: Heather Bien
A mockup of my nightstand with Gove’s suggestions, including a circular mirror, sheepskin rug, and lamp that doesn’t fade into the background. 

Switch out the bedside lamps.

Gove noted that the bedside lamps disappear into the wallpaper, which goes against the hygge principles of creating a warm, glowy space. “Switch out these two lamps for lights that add a nice ambient glow to the room and a surprising design element.”

Bring in fresh flowers.

Lastly, a touch of nature is always aligned with the hygge lifestyle. “Bring the outside into your bedroom with fresh flowers or greenery in small bud vases on your bedside tables or atop the dresser,” says Gove. She suggests tulips in the spring or sprigs of cypress or magnolia in the colder months for a seasonal look that ties the bedroom to what’s happening in the world beyond its four walls.