IKEA’s Newest Collection Reinvents Old Designs with Bright Retro Patterns

published Dec 12, 2023
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Person watching vintage t.v on Ikea coffee table in yellow Ikea chair.
Credit: Ikea

Although it’s time to take a step forward into 2024, IKEA is stepping into the past with its new collection. 

The timeless designs in the latest edition of IKEA’s Nytillverkad line feature “relaxed and playful designs of ’60s and early ’70s reimagined to fit the needs of today’s homes.” This is the third drop of the 80th anniversary collection, offering a retro selection from IKEA’s archive fit for a maximalist. If bold patterns and vibrant hues are on brand for you, this collection will easily find its way to your home.

Credit: Ikea

The collection is filled with sleek pieces like the BAGGBODA side table, which draws inspiration from IKEA designer Karin Mobring’s knack for Bauhaus designs. And IKEA designer Gillis Lungren, known for the MILA swivel chair, reinvented the iconic piece as the DYVLINGE armchair in two colors. 

“The third edition of the collection takes inspiration from a time when youth culture, pop music, and political protests were shaping the world,” IKEA shared in a press release. “At that time, IKEA introduced new materials such as painted particleboard and plastic to create furniture with a youthful expression. Bold shapes, optimistic colors, comfortable seating, and soft high-pile rugs characterized the furnishing style of the time, and this new edition of Nytillverkad is launched to let design enthusiasts revisit those days.”

Credit: Ikea

According to Johan Ejdemo, IKEA Sweden’s global design manager, the company has seen a “growing demand for certain IKEA products that have become collector’s favorites,” among a revival for vintage furniture. Between the popular donut lamp and other unique designs, vintage IKEA products (or items that resemble a revived staple) are in high demand. 

With prices ranging from $5.99 cushion covers to $249 anti-stress armchairs, there’s something for everyone in the Nytillverkad line. Lucky for you, IKEA is releasing the collection online and in U.S. stores in January 2024 alongside the company’s recently announced workout line. Ring in the new year with a little bit of retro!