6 Little Goodies That’ll Make Your House Keys Sparkle

published Aug 13, 2023
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Credit: Laura Hoerner

Something about me: I love a little jingle-jangle. In my most natural state I’m approaching my SUV in a suburban strip mall parking lot, clicking my key fob’s Unlock button, with a collection of keychains dancing like I’m a disco custodian. Sure, my keys weigh down my purse and bump into my knee while I’m driving, but I love the flair. 

Until I someday upgrade my whole life with a keyless car and a house with keypad entry, my keys are one of the most essential tools I use multiple times a day, every day. Why not add a little personality? If you’re looking to brighten up your key ring, here are six little goodies that will make your keys sparkle.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

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As The Culture ascends further and further toward the apex of Barbie obsession, I’m adding anything and everything Barbie-themed to my cart. Plus, I love the resurgence of retro motel keychains — my husband and I even offered customized motel keychains as wedding favors! While Ken’s home isn’t exactly up to Barbie’s Dreamhouse standards, the Mojo Dojo Casa House is a home that’s very familiar to me (unfortunately). So when I saw this “Keys to My Mojo Dojo Casa House” option, I knew I needed it.

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If you’re looking for a minimalist look that makes a massive statement, look no further than the Areaware Reality Key keychain. Part of the Reality by Harry Allen series, this silicone and stainless steel alternative resembles an 18th-century Italian church key. Plus, it comes in 10 vibrant colors, perfect for every spot along the rainbow spectrum. I’m especially loving chartreuse, if you were wondering.

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In addition to copious keychains, I also have key covers to designate which key unlocks what. Unfortunately, my covers haven’t held up as well as the keychains. That’s why these personalized leather covers caught my eye. With a sophisticated, neutral look, the covers’ durability doesn’t detract from their elegance. And you know I love the opportunity to personalize!

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I love the look of Oventure’s Big O Key Ring. Believe it or not, none of my zillion keychains are big enough for me to wrap around my wrist, so I’m often juggling them alongside my cell phone, dog’s leash, and iced coffee. A keychain with a built-in bracelet is a no-brainer for me. Oventure offers their signature ring in a variety of materials, including leather, vegan leather, resin, and silicone, not to mention each category boasts a plethora of colors and patterns. The bold yet simple design lends itself to any and every aesthetic. I’ve got my sights set on the Funfetti in resin.

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Another high-quality option for hands-free key storage is Thread’s Luna wrist lanyard. Thread offers genuine leather and a one-year warranty for their cult favorite lanyards. There are also 50 different patterns to choose from, each coordinating with Thread’s other suite of products, including lip balm holders and AirPod cases. And since we’re on the subject, yes, the lip balm holders and AirPod cases are also keychain-compatible. Heck, if the thing’s got a ring on it, slide it through the loop!

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Whenever I’m checking out at the local hardware store, I admire the various designs of key blanks available for cutting. There’s always your typical tie dye, NFL team, and cheetah print versions. I didn’t realize that more aesthetic blanks were available on sites like Etsy. I love the delicate look of this Peace Sign key blank, which is far more subtle than a zebra stripe or Marvel character. This would serve as a fantastic housewarming gift, giving a new homeowner an extra-special key blank for their place — and a gentle reminder to change their locks!