10 Le Creuset Finds Under $100 That Make Foolproof Holiday Gifts

published Dec 8, 2022
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It’s obviously good to know people’s interests when gift shopping for them, but finding out that someone likes to cook makes things infinitely simpler. You suddenly have a clear direction and so many options, whether you decide to get them a mini waffle maker for cozy breakfasts, your favorite dessert mix and recipe, or an olive oil they can drizzle on top of any meal. Whatever you get, you want the present to look beautiful, and there’s arguably no brand that makes prettier kitchenware than Le Creuset. Just upon hearing the name, you might be thinking about how high-quality (and high cost) their cast-iron products can be. Not to worry, though — we’ve found a bunch of unique items that won’t break the bank. Keep reading to see some of our top Le Creuset gift picks that are beyond stylish, but won’t cost you a fortune!

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Le Creuset

Le Creuset's enamel on steel kettle comes in a compact 1 1/4-quart version perfect for French press coffee or tea for two. And it comes in 12 different colors so you can pick out the perfect pop of color for someone special.

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Le Creuset

This pumpkin butter dish is a cute way to add some autumn vibes to your table. The stoneware can also be used to hold cheese, appetizers, and desserts. The stoneware goes in the oven and the dishwasher.

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Le Creuset

Le Creuset cookware is perfect on its own... but these adorable stainless steel flower knobs are a fun way to zhuzh Dutch ovens and pans. They're also functional, improving grip on lids.

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Le Creuset

This wine cooler sleeve will make picnicking in style easier than ever. Keep the sleeve in the freezer; then when you head out, place a bottle of wine inside to chill. The sleeve will keep the bottle chilled for over 90 minutes, even in hot weather.

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Le Creuset
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These three versatile tapas dishes are the perfect size for serving appetizers, snacks, dips, and spreads. Use them for mise en place or even for storage elsewhere around the house. The stoneware can go from oven to table, retaining heat, and the scratch-resistant glaze is easy to clean.

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Le Creuset
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Don't sleep on these multi-hued pinch bowls. They're incredibly useful for holding pre-measured ingredients while cooking and are perfect for garnishes, dipping sauces, and flake salt for the table. We promise they'll delight as a gift.

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This charming sugar and cream duo comes in 7 different colors and looks brilliant served with coffee or tea.

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We love the adorable bee on this honey pot, but we love the silicone dipper and overal utility (honey is sticky to use!) even more.

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Le Creuset

The thick enamelware of this crock protects salt from moisture so it doesn't clump or crack, and the opening is wide enough for easy access on the table or while cooking.

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This olive branch-embossed olive oil cruet is beautiful enough for the table, but it's also a joy to cook with. The stoneware protects oil from heat, light, and other elements and the spill-proof nozzle makes it easy to pour. It's dishwasher safe as well.

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Regardless of whether your recipient is partial to apple, key lime, or chocolate mousse pies, they're bound to enjoy this two-piece baking set. It includes a pie plate and an adorable little bird that'll keep their creations level and properly ventilated. Perfect for novice and seasoned bakers alike, this $50 find can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and will result in pies fit for displaying on the tabletop.

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If your favorite home cook is still working with the same salt and pepper shakers they've had for years, consider gifting them a new ceramic set. It's still available in red, orange, and black and white, so snag this marked-down duo while you can. Each mill can grind even the toughest peppercorns, and its large size means refilles are few and far between.

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Even if your giftee has a full line of Le Creuset cookware in their kitchen, they still need something to stir the pot with. This matching utensil set should do the trick. It comes with multiple spatulas and a basting brush, all made from BPA-free and heat-resistant silicone. And, how nice is that vibrant stoneware canister?

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You can't go wrong with gifting this baking dish set, which, despite its name, can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether your recipient is whipping up a loaf of bread, a holiday casserole, or a baked dessert, they'll want to reach for one of these square dishes. Their nonstick interior won't ruin the look of fluffy pastries, and it'll keep food warm long after it's left the oven.

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was $30.00

This neat spoon rest is one of the safest options on the list, as it looks so professional and isn't commonly found in a lot of kitchens. Choose from among 11 fun colors, and even match it to the aesthetic of your friend's cooking station. With this, they'll no longer have to worry about where to place their utensils in between tasks, and the counter will stay clean.

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Le Creuset's Cocotte dish is one of our favorite items from the brand, and this mini version is downright darling. It's the ideal size for single desserts, appetizers, and other small bites — the perfect buy for the chef who likes to play with presentation. Don't be surprised if you show up to dinner and find that they've bought themselves a few more to complete the collection.

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Keeping oil and vinegar on the table is such an underrated move, whether they're used for dipping or adding to salads. This stoneware set will certainly come in handy, as it looks much more elevated than the original plastic containers. Stainless-steel spouts allow for precise, mess-free pours, while the thick bottles keep heat and light out to protect the contents. The set will make any mealtime setup feel more like a fine-dining experience.

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Le Creuset

This chic little planter can be used for homegrown herbs or plants of any kind, really. It comes with its own tray to catch excess water, and its glazed exterior won't succumb to chipping or scratches. Buy one or opt for a trio, and revel in how charming they look lined up on the kitchen windowsill.

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