The Only Goal You Need for 2024, According to Numerology

published Jan 17, 2024
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Do you know your life path number? (If not, we’ve got a quick guide to figuring it out!) Instead of making willy-nilly resolutions for this year, why not be more intentional about it and set a goal based on your numerology number? Here are some suggestions for how to spend that energy wisely.

Life Path 1: Start a side hustle.

You’re a natural born leader, teeming with ambition and motivation. Use that life path power to start a new side hustle — ideally one where you’re in charge of everything, because that’s how you feel most prepared.

Life Path 2: Find somewhere new to volunteer.

You are incredibly empathetic, which means you understand the troubles other people are going through and can practically feel it yourself. Try turning that trait into something charitable or philanthropic by finding a new place to volunteer, like a food bank or soup kitchen.

Life Path 3: Budget for the new year.

Life Path Threes, we know you’re charismatic and generous. But don’t let that work against you in the new year. Take some time now to put together a budget so you can know exactly how much you have to donate to friends, family, and other causes.

Life Path 4: Take one risk a quarter.

Hey there, you logical, down-to-earth star. Give yourself a boost next year so that your overly cautious nature doesn’t hold you back. With one risk every three months (don’t worry, it can be small), you’ll be taking steps forward to grow as a person. So go ahead and book that vacation, start playing a new sport, or buy that new video game console. You deserve it!

Life Path 5: Start a meditation habit.

A wanderlust like yours is always aching for new travels and new experiences. Set a goal for yourself to start meditating in the new year. It’ll help ground you and keep you from feeling burned out.

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Life Path 6: Take a social media break.

You can tell us, Sixes. You love to meddle, don’t you? It’s in your nature to try and fix problems and care for other people, even if they haven’t asked for it. Do yourself a favor next year and schedule a social media break. You don’t need to put yourself into a situation where everyone’s drama (or your own FOMO) is seeping into your brain!

Life Path 7: Plan a blowout just-for-fun bash.

Isn’t alone time the best? For Life Path Sevens, it certainly is. But it can also cause some loneliness and maybe too much introspection. So gather all your friends and plan a blowout bash for the upcoming year. Add a theme to make it more fun, like a grown-up prom or favorite things party.

Life Path 8: Book a staycation.

You Eights are some seriously hard workers — which means you probably also seriously need a vacation. Take some time for yourself without taking too much time away from the work that drives you by booking a weekend staycation in the new year. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to dive back in head-first.

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Life Path 9: Treat yourself to a spa day.

Life Path Nines spend so much time helping other people that sometimes you forget to help yourself. Spend some time on yourself in the new year by enjoying a spa day. You might consider booking one for every quarter or every other month. You help others best when you help yourself first!

Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33: Start working on that creative project.

As someone with a master number, you’re probably a bit better than others in your circle at sharing everything in your head with the people around you. Put that talent to work in 2024 by finally starting that creative project you’ve been dreaming about. It could be writing a book, or making an album, or creating a film. You do you — the world wants to see your work.