The $26 Gem That’ll Instantly Declutter Your Fridge (and Keep Food Fresh Longer)

published Jun 6, 2024
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My fridge is the one area, above all others, that annoys me most when it’s messy. It happens too often — when I finish making dinner after a long day, I tend to just shove all of my food back on the shelves. I don’t really put much thought or effort into it, but when I’m dealing with my cluttered fridge in the aftermath, I seriously regret it. 

While my own laziness is surely partly to blame, I think that if I had the right food storage containers, it would make a world of difference. Storage bins make fridge organization easy work. You don’t have to strategize about how to best fit all of the awkwardly shaped containers from the store; instead, they’re meant to stack on top of each other. In fact, they’ll keep your food fresh longer and free up more room in the process. QVC has an option that checks all of those boxes — and even better, it has a unique shape that’ll make the most of your deep refrigerator shelves. Here’s why you should snag the LocknLock Tritan Storage Set while it’s on sale (and keep reading for the can’t-miss promo code!)

What Is the LocknLock 3-Piece Stackable Tritan Refrigerator Storage Set?

These BPA-free bins will make losing your containers in the back of the fridge a thing of the past. The rectangular design means that you’ll never lose track of them, and even though they’re especially perfect for longer items like bread, bacon, and certain veggies, you can store anything and everything in them. The set includes two 4.5-cup containers and a 7.5-cup container, each with clear bodies and colorful lids. You’ll always know what’s being stored on your shelves at any given time, thanks to the transparency, but there are 14 lid colors to choose from to add some personal flair. They’re air- and water-tight and can be tossed into the microwave for heating leftovers, in the freezer for long-term storing, and the dishwasher for painless cleaning.

Credit: QVC

What QVC Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4/5

“I ordered the spearmint and it is a teal green color. Very refreshing color. I am using it to store washed romaine and kale. They remain crisp and not soggy. The rectangular length fits perfectly in my produce drawer. I have a side-by-side Samsung and the fridge has two large lower drawers. One we use for drinks and the other for produce. The Tritan LocknLock storage units slide in lengthwise in the drawer and I am able to stack all three. Excellent for our fridge design.” —humming bird 11

“I LOVE these. Very good quality. They make very good use of my refrigerator space. I like making several kinds of salads to keep in the fridge. They hold surprisingly more than I thought. I also store berries in them and they last so much longer. I’m ordering a second set. I got the Opal color. Beautiful!” —Lily222

“I ordered these because our new refrigerator has a slim super-cold drawer that is designed for meats and cold drinks. It is about the height of a soda can inside. I’m using these to hold bacon and other types of snacking meats to keep them fresh, as I am tired of having to throw away zip-top baggies that are not recyclable or having to waste some of the meat because it got hard around the edges due to exposure to air. All three of the containers fit perfectly into the sections of this large flat drawer!” —AleciaJane

Considering the ingenious design, it’s a good idea to buy two sets anyway, but QVC is offering a stellar promo that’ll make the second one free. If you’re a new customer, you’ll get $20 off an order of $40 with the code HELLO20. Two sets will come out to little over $30. Make sure to grab them before the deal ends on June 16!

Buy: LocknLock 3-Piece Stackable Tritan Refrigerator Storage Set, $25.98 (normally $33)