Lovesac’s Customizable (and Replaceable!) Storage ‘Sactionals’ Are Perfect for Small Spaces and a Breeze to Move — They’re 25% Off Right Now

published Jul 1, 2022
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Credit: Lovesac

If you spend a lot of time at home, life is much more relaxing when you have comfy furniture that makes lounging around feel like a reward. As great as it is to take advantage of these warm and sunny days, the sun can be draining, and you’ll want somewhere shady and cozy to recharge. My family has always made it a priority to furnish our homes with cozy den and patio furniture because we spend the most time there, and Lovesac has been one of our favorites for years, both indoors and outdoors. I’ve spent literal hours sinking into multiple Sacs at once (We have three!) while binging Netflix or unintentionally drifting into an afternoon nap. With small children at home, a perk of the covers is that they can be removed and machine-washed, stress-free. I can’t tell you the number of times my nieces have spilled juice and smushed snacks into the sofa cushions, and the stains have washed out every single time to make the couch look as good as new!

Lovesac also makes giant cloud-like chairs and modular sofas, called Sactionals, that have an array of durable and customizable covers, sizes, and styles; including wedge seats for a curved sofa, rolled arms, and storage seats for blankets, fitness gear, toys, and small items that would otherwise clutter the room. Over 250 mix-and-matchable covers are available (along with free swatches) in a variety of fabrics such as leather, velvet, and convertible 2-in-1 reversible styles. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find a cover that’s pet-friendly, child-friendly, or one that suits your tastes in general. Most importantly, they fit snugly around the furniture so you aren’t fussing over a poor fit. You can also select accessories and add-ons to further elevate the Sactional, such as a power hub to conveniently charge devices and a Guest Rest Bedding Kit that transforms the sofa into a temporary bed. As a result, it’s a stylish piece of furniture that adapts to your lifestyle as you need it to and not the other way around.

Credit: Daphne Franklin

If you’ve been considering furniture from Lovesac, no matter how long, consider this your sign to take the leap! You can easily find a Sactional that literally fits your space, regardless of size, since they’re wonderfully small-space friendly and can be separated and rearranged in a snap. An added bonus is their “Designed for Life” Philosophy: Lovesac Sactionals are made to be the last sofa you’ll ever have to buy. As part of that philosophy, you can replace covers, cushions, pillows, and entire sections as needed so you don’t have to buy a whole new couch if it gets damaged or if you need to make adjustments to accommodate a new space after moving.

Right now, Lovesac is having a HUGE July 4th Sale on their versatile Sactionals, knocking 20 percent off the price. Additionally, if you go for the standard fill, you can get an extra five percent off, meaning you’ll save up to 25 percent off in total! That includes outdoor Sactionals and StealthTech if you opt for it, which is essentially sound and wireless charging embedded right into the sofa. Along with the Sactional sale, you can also get 30 percent off select Sac bundles through July 17. But wait, there’s more: Mark your calendar for July 1-4 because Lovesac is having a flash sale in which you’ll get 25 percent off Sactionals and 20 percent off everything else. Even with a big sale, furniture shopping can be stressful, and to ease that pressure, Lovesac also offers free shipping and a 60-Day Home Trial.

If you’re ready to see Lovesac for yourself, check out some of my favorite picks below and visit the website to build the Sactional of your dreams.

Credit: Lovesac

Get this look: Start with the 4 Seat + 4 Sides Sactional as your base. From there, add and attach two seats plus one additional side, and then rotate as needed.

Credit: Lovesac

Get this look: Begin with the 2 Seats + 4 Sides Sactional, and customize it to your liking. Separate from the sofa, add two seats without backs to create the ottoman. For the chairs, add two more separate seats and add a back to each.

The Sactionals Coaster (as seen on the arm of the sofa) as well as the Sactionals Table in Dark Walnut on the ottomans can be found in Lovesac’s accessories section.

Credit: Lovesac

3 Seats + 5 Sides Sactional and 2 Seats + 4 Sides Loveseat with 2 Ottomans, $7,586.25 (normally $8,925)

Get this look: The good news is you don’t have to fully assemble two Sactionals on your own. Simply choose the 2 Seats + 4 Sides Sactional and add another seat without sides, then do the same with the 3 Seats + 5 Sides Sactional. You could also add two ottomans to one Sactional and none to the other. Either way, the price will be the same, and that’s couldn’t be more convenient!

Credit: Lovesac

5 Seats + 6 Sides Sactional with Deep Arm, Storage Ottomans, and MovieSac Squattoman Bundle, $8,312.50 (normally $9,525)

Get this look: Begin with the 3 Seats + 4 Sides Sactional as your base, pull it apart to swap out the right side arm with a Deep Side and add two more seats. Rotate the corner seat so its long side faces the left side of the Sactional, and then attach another seat with sides and a seat without sides at the end. The demo of your Sactional will look like it’s missing a pillow in the corner, but don’t worry, all Lovesac seats come with one so you can arrange them to your liking. For the ottoman, add two storage seats without sides. The MovieSac Squattoman Bundle is shown here with Dove Channeled Phur covers.