This Is the “It” Throw Blanket You’ve Been Seeing Everywhere

published Mar 23, 2022
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I’ll never forget my favorite sweater from my childhood. Knit by my beloved aunt, it was red and chunky and had one detail I absolutely loved: pom-poms. Life is just better with pom-poms. I don’t know why those small fluffy balls instantly add sunshine to the day, but they do. And while I might not be able to wear that sweater with its cheerful tufts anymore, I can parlay that joy into its grownup version: pom-pom throw blankets.

You have probably noticed these everywhere recently, whether on your Instagram feed or the shelves of your local Target. The trend is so prevalent that it’s reaching the status of “it” bed throw. Whatever your style is, there’s a pom-pom throw to match. It just depends on what colors, materials, and prints you choose. Stick to grays, oatmeals, and beiges if you like minimalism or farmhouse, or veer into hot pinks and bright oranges if you enjoy boho or eclectic decor. Whichever you choose, the unexpected texture from the pom-poms will add a little something special to your bedroom. Here are some of our favorite picks you can buy now.

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was $128.00

Folks who like color, this one is for you. This throw is dotted with fluffy pom-poms and is trimmed in fringe, adding lots of texture to your bedroom. It comes in either a dusty red, a dark raspberry, or a bright yellow.

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Crate & Barrel

For those who put a premium on hygge, you need to drape this chunky knit blanket across the corner of your bed. Thanks to its oversized pom-poms, the handknit throw will add a wintery touch to your room, even if it’s in the middle of summer. You will feel cozy every time you step inside.

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Pottery Barn

Some people want throws to act solely as decor, while others want to cuddle under them and use them as blankets. If you want to snuggle into your pom-pom throw by the end of the night, try this fuzzy sherpa one. It comes in five different colors, including gray and white.

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was $89.69

Whether you have a farmhouse-style or Scandinavian bedroom, this cable-knit throw will be a perfect addition. It also has extra fluffy and thick pom-poms, meaning they will instantly catch your eye upon walking into the room.

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The Nopo

If you’re looking for more of a visual statement, invest in a blanket that doesn’t just have pom-poms on the edges but across the entire throw. This handmade wool blanket is made on a waist loom in Chiapas, Mexico, where local artisans weave pom-poms on both clothes and art. You can use it as a bed throw or even hang it up on the wall as a tapestry.

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Want a throw in a timeless color? You can’t go wrong with a cream-colored blanket with fuzzy brown pom-poms, which is pretty much guaranteed to never go out of style.

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was $53.25

While blankets with solid colors make it easy to mix and match your bedding, you also can’t go wrong with a solid stripe. This ivory throw has thin stripes in a contrasting color palette, and it can blend seamlessly into everything from grandmillennial style to farmhouse modern designs.

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Kind Blanket
was $45.00

Whether you subscribe to a Scandi pastel aesthetic or you just love anything cotton-candy-colored, these ice-cream-hued pom-pom blankets are a must-have.

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While some people might veer toward cream or beige colors when it comes to their cozy blankets, never underestimate the power of black. This black pom-pom throw will add instant drama to your bedroom design, especially if you also have black throw pillows.

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Paynes Gray

If you can’t decide on a color, just get a blanket that combines two. This color-blocked throw lets you play with gray and white, which are two easy colors to mix and match with duvets and bed linens.