These 12 Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas Will Instantly Transport You to the Land of Hygge

updated Sep 29, 2020
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The best designed bedrooms are calming spaces, where it’s easy to shake off the stresses of the day. There’s nothing quite like Scandinavian design for achieving such a soothing aesthetic. Brimming with organic materials, quiet colors, and well-appointed furniture and objects, Scandinavian bedrooms are ideal for relaxing on a lazy Sunday morning and getting a solid night’s sleep each and every day.

While there are no hard and fast design rules for creating a serene Scandi look, several elements found in most Scandi rooms can bring your space one step closer to zen, from embracing a minimalist approach to decorating your interior to outfitting your space with the best calming colors and cozy fabrics. For a helping hand in your quest to create a Scandi-style sleep space, start with these key Scandinavian bedroom ideas.

1. Navy-colored walls

White isn’t the only wall color that works in a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom. A minimalist loft in Chelsea proves that a deeply saturated shade can still work as the perfect backdrop for all your other Scandi-leaning details. Even better, dark wall colors can create a cocoon-like effect in a small bedroom, which sounds like the perfect atmosphere for drifting off to sleep.

Credit: Danielle Groome

2. Natural Wood

Natural wood? Check. Cozy rug? Check. Neat and tidy interior? Check. This Canadian bedroom is a shining example of how to bring Scandinavian style into a contemporary setting with just a few intentional accents. With a statement-making four poster bed to anchor your space, you don’t need much else in your room.

3. Minimalism and lots of light

While this Oakland cottage isn’t your classic all-white Scandinavian bedroom, its good bones certainly jibe with classic Swedish design elements. The natural wood floors, window frames, and decor hold onto a Scandinavian theme, but a splash of color from the bedding makes the room feel a little more playful.

(Image credit: Maria Warnke Nørregaard)

4. Add egg-cellent accents

This Danish bedroom is filled with relaxed and well-loved items collected by the owner over time, including an iconic Egg chair and lamp, both by Arne Jacobsen, that were bought years ago. An old school map of Denmark hangs over the bed, which is covered by a Hay blanket.

(Image credit: Nadja Endler )

5. Promote a calming atmosphere

This minimalist bedroom has everything you need and nothing you don’t. But the real draw is the natural surroundings. The architect owner bought the place says it best: “The first thing that struck me as I walked into the apartment were the large windows and the big trees just outside; it is a very peaceful place.”

(Image credit: Winkie Visser)

6. Go all out with textures

A blend of cozy textures is essential for creating a soft and inviting Scandinavian-inspired space. The occupant of this bedroom describes her signature style as, “Lots of white, a touch of pink, romantic, light wood. I love natural materials and have an extra fondness for the warm and cuddly ones.”

(Image credit: Winkie Visser)

7. A touch of eclecticism

Cute and full of character, this charming Dutch house is full of secondhand decor, vintage furniture, and antiques found on Marktplaats (the Dutch Craigslist). It’s all beautifully integrated into the owners’ very livable and accessible home. Nothing feels precious or like you have to tiptoe around it.

Credit: Chloe Rey

8. Use blank space in your favor

Everybody knows that minimalism and Scandi style are inseparable, which really works in the case of this Washington abode. While there are still bits of French-inspired vintage and boho touches scattered throughout, the tenants kept it sparse to make sure the room was, first and foremost, hygge-friendly.

9. Calming colors

Your choice in color palette is a huge make or break factor when creating a Scandinavian-inspired room. While you’ll see some experimentation with different shades, you’d be hard pressed to find hot pink or lime green walls in a classic Scandi-inspired space. If you do want some color, pastels are where it’s at. Take inspiration from this glam Los Angeles rental, which uses a few touches of soft colors mixed in with mostly white and cream furnishings.

(Image credit: Submitted by Julianne Rydberg)

10. Comfort is everything

Another example of a soft, sleep-worthy space is this Norwegian bedroom. Although the home was a new modern build, it looks lived-in and comfortable.

(Image credit: Ana Kamin)

11. Go back to basics

This California home is marked by minimal simplicity with soft, natural colors and organic elements throughout the space. The walls of the bedroom were kept bare save for a few wooden accents, but the space is anything but boring.

(Image credit: Abe Martinez)

12. Go wild with colors

Encapsulating the vintage feel of Sweden while balancing brightly-colored modern furniture, this well-designed cottage also embraces beautiful views of nature (it has sweeping views of the sea). Large windows frame seasonal changes, but light also pours in, seamlessly melding the inside and outside worlds.