3 Popular TikTok DIYs That Experts Say to Avoid At All Costs

published Sep 27, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

If you’re a keen DIYer, you’ll probably know that TikTok is a treasure trove of interior design hacks. From flower walls and floating shelves to rustic rugs and painted arches, the social media platform is full of inspirational DIY clips, with the hashtag ‘homediy‘ currently at 1.6 billion views.

While many of the TikTok viral DIY projects, such as stick-on headboards and floating shelves, have gotten the seal of approval from experts, some of the popular hacks have fallen short when it comes to professional approval. DIY expert Peter Hodgins from Principle Kitchens and Carpentry told Confused.com: “Unfortunately, watching a few TikTok videos does not make you an expert in building or plumbing, and this can sometimes mean that people are left disappointed with the finish, functionality, and even safety of their DIY home hacks.”

Below are all popular DIY hacks found on the social media platform that you should approach with caution (or ideally, not at all). They may cause to damage the home, creating more harm than good.

Floor stencils

A popular TikTok trend is using floor stencils to create a tiled effect in their homes. While the hashtag ‘stenciledfloor‘ has 716,600 views, using stencils — particularly on bathroom floors — can result in a poor finish. That means more money and time would need to be spent on the project in the future.

If you’re set on a decorative floor but would rather skip the stencils, why not try patterned floor tiles? Go for bold colors and timeless styles like a geometric design.

Stick on tiles


Tried those stick on tiles from Amazon and it looks good if you don’t stare at it too hard 🥲 #fyp #foryoupage #diy #homedecor #homerenovation

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Stick-on tiles take time, patience, and good measurements — and more often than not, it’ll lead to frustration after not coming out the way you hoped. One TikToker, for example, posted their stick on tile fail that included overlapping material and wonky lines. Above all, Hodgins said that stick-on tiles on fireplaces can be extremely dangerous, as the adhesives are likely to fail when heated.

All your DIY dreams aren’t shattered, however, as a great alternative to stick on tiles is peel and stick wallpaper. Whether you’re installing a peel and stick backsplash for your kitchen, or decorating the exterior of your fireplace (as long as the peel and stick is heat resistant), there are plenty of cheap and cheerful wallpapers that will give a professional-looking finish when installed correctly.

Painting sinks

Painting your own sink may look impressive initially, like the above DIY that, according to the poster, cost $10. However, experts have marked painting sinks as a do-it-yourself project to definitely avoid. It’s unlikely that the paint will last for long, and a dodgy DIY job could result in your sink becoming permanently damaged and needing to be replaced.

If you’re worried about the potential damage, rather than painting your sink, jazz up your bathroom with luxe accessories and make tiny tweaks to your bathroom vanity, making room for more space and added style. Cleaning your grout is another quick, easy way to give your bathroom a new lease of life, too.

Other DIY trends experts have advised people avoid include: painting decking with a floor brush, cement worktops, and using duct tape to create your own kitchen backsplash.

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