I Have a Ridiculously Small Shower, and These Drill-Free Shelves Instantly Cleared My Bathroom Clutter (They’re 50% Off!)

updated Nov 20, 2023
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I’m in the unique situation where I actually have a shockingly large bathroom in my apartment — there’s even a closet for extra storage in there — but the shower is severely small. It’s as weird as it sounds. I’ll try to paint the picture for you: My bathtub-less shower is cramped into the corner of the bathroom, measures a little less than 2-by-2 feet, and the glass door is curved for seemingly no reason at all. So yeah, no elbow room.

So, for the first couple weeks after we moved in, my roommate and I had to place all of our shampoo and soap bottles on the floor of the shower, and we would hit our elbows on the walls just to reach them. We were on the hunt for the perfect shower caddy that would get our bottles off the ground, but the weird shape had us struggling to land on one that would fit and not take up too much valuable real estate in the shower. Over-the-door and anything that sat on the floor was immediately out, and anything that hung off the shower head wasn’t possible, either. Thankfully, we came across this corner caddy that’s been a total lifesaver ever since we installed it — and here’s exactly why you should snag it while it’s 50 percent off for Black Friday.

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What is the Purdaz Corner Shower Caddy?

When I was searching for stick-on shelves on Amazon, quite a few results seemed to only come in a pack of two, so when I saw this water- and rust-proof one had three, that was the first green flag. And even though each one is a slightly different size — the top being the smallest and the bottom the largest — they’re all surprisingly spacious, with the smallest being about 8 inches long on each side of the L shape.

Installation involves cleaning off the tiles and sticking the adhesive strips with built-in hooks on each side of the wall. We used the line of grout between the tiles to guide our placement, but you can also hold the shelf where you want to place it, use a pencil to make a line along the top of it, and then press the adhesive to the wall along that mark. You don’t have to wait long to hang the shelves off of the adhesive’s hooks — we did it within five minutes, and over four months later with at least five bottles on each shelf, they haven’t budged.

The set also comes with six small plastic hooks that you can snap onto the metal shelves, so you can hang razors and loofahs off of them. It also comes with two spare strips of adhesive, but with how well they’ve held up since I got them, I don’t think we’ll be needing them!

Credit: Morgan Pryor

Why I Love the Purdaz Corner Shower Caddy

My biggest concern when I realized this kind of caddy was our only option was if the stick would hold. But these babies haven’t loosened at all, even after the steam and water of several showers each day and under the weight of more than one heavy container. The smallest one can easily fit six bottles, maybe more depending on the size of your shower products, and I’ve even tugged a bit on my shelf to test its strength, and it showed no signs of coming off the wall.

I was also worried about whether they would stick out too far and make it even harder to move around in the shower. I’m happy to report, though, that even though they hold an impressive amount, that hasn’t been the case. The fact that the shelves can be tucked in the corner means that they’re making use of what probably would’ve been an unused space, which I love.

The space between each metal rod also keeps water from collecting and getting gross, which is a major benefit. Since my roommate’s not that tall, we had to place the lowest one below the handle to turn on the shower in order for her to be able to reach it. So, it gets sprayed often, but there’s been no sign of rusting!

Finally, when we have to leave our apartment, we won’t have any problems removing the adhesive — the drill-free installation makes it totally renter-friendly. But before that day comes, I have no doubt they’ll withstand a full year (or even two) of use. Whether or not you have a small shower like me, these sturdy shelves will maximize the use of your space and instantly declutter your bathroom, and you should definitely snag them while they’re still marked down!

Buy: Purdaz Corner Shower Caddy, $16.38 (normally $32.99)