This Stylish New Sustainable Mouthwash System Gives Me So Many Reasons to Smile — Plus, It’s On Sale

updated May 25, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Quip

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insecure about my smile. As a child, I had a serious overbite, a large gap between my top front teeth, and small, pointy incisors that resembled vampire fangs. I was a shy kid, and I rarely smiled with my mouth open in photos to avoid drawing attention to it. I started undergoing procedures to correct my smile when I was just eight years old, and by puberty, I was in braces that would stay on until I was a junior in high school. Finally, I realized something very important: While my teeth might not look exactly the way I want them to, I can manage my insecurities by taking diligent care of my mouth. So, when I was offered the opportunity to try Quip‘s oral care products for the first time, I jumped at it.

You’re probably already familiar with Quip’s Instagram-famous electric toothbrush, but they recently added a new product to their lineup: a sustainable mouthwash kit. I was particularly excited to try it because, prior to Quip, I’d used various drugstore brands that I found aggressively minty or that tasted overwhelmingly like alcohol. Plus, they usually come in plastic packaging that’s nearly impossible to recycle and doesn’t look appealing. They’d sit in my bathroom cabinet (mostly) untouched for months before I eventually just threw them out, which didn’t benefit me or the planet. 

But Quip’s refillable mouthwash system is meant to live in plain sight in your bathroom, and with a relatively small footprint, it’s perfect for small spaces with limited countertop storage. It was a little tricky to set up at first, but after consulting Quip’s website, I quickly figured it out. The mouthwash itself comes bottled in a concentrated form, which you slide into a sleek and shiny metal dispenser that’s available in four colors: silver, slate, copper, gold, and black (there’s also a white plastic dispenser). Push the button at the top of the dispenser to release the perfect amount of concentrate, pour it into the provided dosage cup, fill up your cup the rest of the way with water, and start swishing!

I never thought I would be waxing poetic about a mouthwash, but Quip truly surpassed my expectations. Mixing mouthwash concentrate with water means that the mint flavor is gentle and refreshing as opposed to a shock to the taste buds. The anti-cavity formula is alcohol-free, so I can actually swish it around comfortably for the recommended 60 seconds without my cheeks burning. It’s even vegan-friendly and contains no added colors or dyes. Plus, Quip’s super-convenient subscription model means I never have to worry about running out; the company automatically sends mouthwash refills every three months, and shipping is always free. Have a bigger household? No problem! There are three sizes of refills available (starting at $15), so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Having the stylish mouthwash dispenser out on my countertop helps me remember to actually use it. It looks great next to my Quip electric toothbrush, and it’s a nice visual reminder of my commitment to my teeth. But what’s even better is knowing the waste I’m saving: The concentrate bottles are 100 percent recyclable, and everything else about the packaging is meant to be used again and again. And here’s more exciting news: Through May 31, you can save 30 percent off all metal dispensers with code CELEBRATE30. Between my electric toothbrush and my new sustainable mouthwash system, I feel confident that my mouth is finally getting the TLC it deserves. And that truly makes me smile big — with my teeth showing.

Buy: Quip Mouthwash Starter Kit, $24.50 (normally $35)