Real Room Inspiration: Wall Hangings

published Mar 28, 2014
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(Image credit: Juan Enriquez)

If you aren’t allowed to paint your walls or you simply don’t want to commit, and if the though of hanging even removable wallpaper gives you hives, we should be friends. Also, you should consider brightening up your standard-issue walls with a lovely wall hanging. A few tiny tacks is all it takes..


  1. Jesse & Lucas’ Simply Stylish Home + Studio: A vintage Egyptian tapestry livens up the white walls in their son’s room.
  2. Beatrice & Ramsey’s Cultured Echo Park Casa: I have looked at a lot of wall hangings today, and Beatrice and Ramsey have absolutely nailed it with this one. The off-center positioning, the excitingly broken-up display of art, the bold colors in a room full of tranquil neutrals, the interesting juxtaposition of the textile and the chandelier: it all works.
  3. Beatrice & Ramsey, part 2: Once again, the fabric provides a bright focal point in an earth-toned room. The pale browns of the blanket, curtain, and wood are echoed in the wall hanging, so the effect is not at all jarring.
  4. Stacey’s Everything From Somewhere: The scale and arrangement of this room make it appear as if one wall has been charmingly wallpapered.
  5. Alana’s Brooklyn Railroad: A similar effect has been created here with a hanging textile that fits its spot on the wall perfectly.


6. Irina’s Modern Xanadu: The rug, couch, and Merimekko tapestry come together to create a colorful yet cohesive look.
7. Heather & Dave’s Eclectic Enclave: I know there are a ton of wall-hangings-as-headboards out there, but I can’t resist the ones that cover all (or most) of the wall above the bed. This one is a beautiful and appropriate vintage Moroccan blanket.
8. Briana & Dominic’s Beautiful Bungalow: This gorgeous, minimal tapestry nearly reaches from floor to ceiling (or rather, it would if the ceilings weren’t so high) and was created by Briana herself. It is one of several adorning the plain white walls of their home.
9. A Free-Spirited Haven for Art and Treasures: A large tapestry adds a bit of Hollywood glamour to a home office.
10. Karen’s Color Explosion: I’ve gone through this house tour twice and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m looking at, but I do believe there are some fabric wall hangings somewhere in the mix. Even the support columns have been draped and adorned!