This Hilarious ‘Moving Hack’ Has Reddit Users Sharing Their Own Best Tips and Tricks

published May 16, 2022
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If ever there was a universal sentiment, it’s that moving sucks. It requires seemingly endless effort, organization and coordination, physical labor, time, and patience — and that’s without mentioning the steep costs associated with packing up the entirety of your earthly belongings and putting them somewhere else. 

Over on the r/lifehacks Reddit, one user shared a TikTok video they found showing off the moving hack of the year, in which the movers in question have draped a tarp from a second story balcony over a snow-covered ground and begin sliding their items down as if it’s a waterslide or laundry chute. One person can be heard in the background asking in earnest, “You think we’ll be able to get this all in one trip?” as assorted items such as houseplants and seat cushions make their way down the slide.

The caption of the clip reads: “Saw these people moving out today and they are clearly geniuses.”

Naturally, the video racked up thousands of upvotes and more than 350 comments from Reddit users joking about the unconventional moving technique, which somehow seems to work against all odds. As one commenter noted: “This looks like it would work great until it didn’t anymore.” Another joked: “Send down the China dishware one-by-one followed by a bowling ball.. Send down a cactus. Send down knives.”

Others noted the inherent dangers in actually trying this method. “The time it would take to set that up and make the tarp tight, you could bring down 10 of those boxes,” wrote one person, adding, “Here are some other possible faults: Tarp rips on sharp edge, object is heavy and slides too far off the edge, object does not slide all the way down, a thermonuclear device detonates killing everyone within the vicinity, and a gust of wind sends your crap flying.”

All jokes aside, some people did share their actually helpful moving tips. “I had a moving business for a little while,” they wrote. “I don’t know how helpful this would have been unless you had a lot of space and didn’t want to send anything that was too heavy. Not that anyone asked, but the best advice I can give to you before moving is very simple: Pack as much of your stuff up beforehand as possible. I can’t tell you how many clients I moved who had packed up maybe a quarter of their stuff. Either we or they would spend several extra hours packing it up, costing them a lot of extra cash.”

Others smartly suggested purging as much stuff as possible before you move, donating, giving away, and/or tossing as much as you can before you even make it to the packing stage. “I’ve moved 36 times in my life. Maybe 37? When you think you are halfway done packing, you are only 10 percent done. Seriously. Heavy stuff in small boxes. VERY light stuff in big boxes. Box of all the tools you’ll need right away labeled clearly plus anything for beds/sleep/showers/bathroom. And all the cables/cords,” wrote one seasoned mover.
As for this silly hack, one commenter put it best, joking, “You gotta Pivot!