These Luxe, Four-Layer Towels Are the Quickest Drying I Own

published Aug 1, 2022
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Working at Apartment Therapy, part of my job is testing out lots of towels. I’ve told you about a couple of my favorites already, from the best beach towel I’ve ever tried to the bath towel that is perfect for my thick, curly hair, and there are plenty of others that I’ve spared you from wasting time reading about (you’re welcome). But even with all of the Turkish and terrycloth towels I’ve used, I’d never found one that met all of my criteria for the perfect bath towel: chic looking, soft, big, thin, ultra-absorbent, and quick drying. Until now, my friends. Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite bathroom accessory, Riley’s Four Layer Bath Towel.

I had high hopes for these towels from the minute I opened my package of two. I am a sucker for gray, so I’d opted for Charcoal, and in person, the deep, rich color was much chicer than any other gray towels I’d received in the past. It took about two seconds to realize that these guys were also so much softer than any others I’ve tried, and when I unfolded them, the understated soft fringe on two ends was a subtle detail that instantly made them feel classier than the average towel. They were also much thinner and lighter weight than terrycloth, like your favorite soft, lightweight sweatshirt. We were off to a fantastic start!

All of the pieces in Riley’s line of four-layer towels (which includes hand towels, guest towels, bath towels, and bath sheets) feature a waffle-like texture, which is usually a turn-off for me. In my experience, waffle towels always stretch out to twice their size — and half their thickness. But not these! They are constructed of (you guessed it) four layers of premium combed cotton that’s Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Translation: They don’t include any materials that are harmful to you, your family, or the environment. I didn’t really pay attention to the claim that the towels are made from low-linting fibers until the first time I took them out of the dryer. The lint trap was clear, and my Riley beauties remained as luxe and well constructed as they were before they went into the wash. They’re also generously sized — the bath towel measures 30″ x 58″ — so you can wrap yourself up all cozy-like without worrying about any unintentional flashing incidents around the house.

Two of my favorite features of the Riley Four Layer Bath Towels are how absorbent and quick drying they are. They soak up loads of water from my body and hair after the shower (it’s that thoughtful four-layer design), but they only take a couple of hours to dry when I hang them over the shower curtain rod — in a bathroom with no windows or ventilation! Normally in the humid summer, I have to squeeze a dehumidifier into my bathroom to avoid wrapping myself in a towel that’s still damp from the night before (ew!). I am happy to report that ever since I received Riley’s Four Layer Bath Towel, the dehumidifier has stayed in the closet.

If gray isn’t your thing, you can also take these towels home in White, Oatmeal, Silver, and Moonlight (dusky blue). And you’re not just limited to towels! I already have my eyes on the other categories in Riley’s Four Layer Collection: bath robes, throw blankets, coverlets, pillow shams, and even baby blankets. Trust me, after taking the towel for a spin, you’ll want them all, too.

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