Ross Is Selling Adorably Spooky Coffin-Shaped Pet Beds

published Aug 24, 2023
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Credit: Brett Hondow for shutterstock

Halloween decorations are already hitting stores in full force, including plenty of sweet and spooky pet gear. Case in point: Ross is selling adorable coffin-shaped beds for your cats’ and dogs’ slumber.

TikTok content creator Jenny (@spookluvr) recently spotlighted the find in a viral TikTok video, writing, “Run to Ross for this coffin bed for your fur babies!”

In the video, Jenny’s camera pans over the beds, which feature a black faux coffin door emblazoned with skulls, spiderwebs, and the words “lazy bones.” Pull the “door” back and you’ll find a plush red bed inside, perfect for cats and small dogs. Plus, it’s only $16.99!

Since posting about the pet bed on August 11, Jenny’s video has received over 51,000 likes and 360,000 likes.

“Bought it last year!!” one TikToker commented. “The only thing my little vampy kitty sleeps in.”

As some commenters pointed out, the bed can also be the perfect spooky decor for small pets across the board.

“I have this for my ferrets!” one commenter wrote, while another said: “My friends have this for their rats and AAAH it’s so cute.”

For some creative parents, the bed even has photoshoot potential for their kids.

“Okay, but I’m gonna get this for Halloween baby photo-props,” a TikToker wrote.

Sadly, Ross isn’t currently selling the discounted coffin pet bed on their website, so you’ll have to head to your nearest store to track it down yourself. However, as some commenters pointed out, the bed — officially named the Bootique Coffin Dog & Cat Bed — was originally available at Petco for $34.99, so who knows?! Maybe even more spooky pet beds are headed to your local pet supplier, too.

Buy: Bootique Coffin Dog Bed, $34.99