Save Hundreds on Saatva’s Editor-Loved Mattresses During Their Cyber Monday Sale

updated Nov 26, 2023
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A bedroom with one black feature wall, pink curtains, and a neutral dresser. A green fabric headboard is behind a queen bed.
Credit: Erin Derby

A mattress just might be the most difficult — and most important — purchase you can make for your home. Even if you have the luxury of trying some out in-store, there’s still no guarantee that it’ll give you the best night of sleep further down the road. There are a number of factors you have to consider: Support, comfort, durability, and more all play a role in determining the best mattress for you. And believe me, you should consider each factor thoroughly, because it’ll have a serious impact on your overall health.

Often, we misguidedly sacrifice quality for a less expensive option. I’m all for saving money whenever possible, but a mattress is truly the single, unquestionable thing that I think should be splurgy. But, given that I’m all about waiting to see if a product goes on sale before I buy it, I need to put you on to editor-favorite brand Saatva’s Cyber Monday mattress sale. Right now, by clicking through this exclusive link, you can save $300 off of a $1,000 Saatva purchase. But make sure you click the link before checking out Saatva’s mattresses or the discount won’t apply! After testing out a number of their offerings, our editors can assure you that they’re worth the price — but you can still save hundreds of dollars for a limited time. Here are five discounted mattresses that you should grab before the sale ends in December.

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was $1995.00

Mark, our director of commerce, has dealt with back pain from years of sleeping on sofa beds, cheap mattresses, and sleeper sofas, but after a year of living with this Saatva mattress, he’s found that it keeps him comfortable and well-rested every time. “And despite a summer of some seriously brutal heatwaves, the breathable top layer has managed to help me stay cool," he added.

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was $2395.00

This body-hugging, 5-pound memory foam mattress is a favorite of contributor Spencer and his wife, who love it for its cushiony, weightless effect that still provides more than enough support. “Both of us have also found ourselves, for some reason, waking up sleeping on our backs rather than on our sides,” he observed. “Whatever the explanation for this change, we’ll take it. Our backs are already thanking us.”

3 / 5
was $1795.00

Particularly suited for side sleepers (but, of course, compatible with anyone), this hybrid mattress provides pressure relief with its cradling memory foam. Not only is it pain-relieving, but it also features a “LuxeCool’ system that increases airflow and draws out body heat, keeping you cool if you’re a hot sleeper.

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was $3745.00

The biggest hurdle with ordering a mattress online is not knowing exactly how it feels — but the ingenious Solaire allows you to customize it exactly to your preferences with 50 different firmness options. You can adjust it on either side, and there’s hardly any motion transfer, so it's a must-have for any couple.

5 / 5
was $3295.00

This mattress will help those with chronic back and joint conditions like arthritis and scoliosis get the best possible night of sleep. The gel-infused foam keeps your spine in alignment, and it has a “unique therapeutic support core” that fits your body’s curves and movements.