You Can Buy a Giant Shoe Bed For Your Pet That Loves Slippers

published Dec 2, 2018
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How many times have you looked for your slippers and couldn’t find them? For pet owners, there is one place to look first if your slippers go MIA. Your dog or cat might have stolen them and decided to chew on them a little bit. Or maybe your pet isn’t a big chewer, but they do like having something to snuggle with. There have been countless times that we’ve found our pets sleeping on our shoes.

Not every dog likes to steal shoes to destroy them, but for those dogs that do, there can be a number of reasons. Your pet might want your attention, so they steal something of yours to prompt you to chase after them. For puppies, they might be teething and gnawing on your slippers is their favorite way to soothe their gums. And the habit might just stick if you let them keep chewing and they’ll continue doing it when they’re fully grown.

For those of us who have dogs (and cats too) that like shoes, there is a pet bed you can get them that will satisfy that desire. On Amazon from Sasquatch! Pet Beds, you can purchase a giant Croc shoe pet bed! The inside is a fuzzy, faux fleece material. Don’t worry about pet fur collecting too much on the inside lining and getting gross – it is machine washable.

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Sasquatch! Pet Beds – Gold, $45.36 (Image credit: Sasquatch! Pet Beds / Amazon)

The product description reads:

The sasquatch bed is suitable for all seasons, keeping pets cool in summer and warm in winter. Comfortable lightweight base is made from non toxic and odour resitant material and has a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty. The beds come in 5 fab colours with co-ordinated lining and embroidered logo. The snug Faux fleece lining is machine washable. The wipe clean base is non slip, won’t mark floors and has a built in roll bar bumper headrest. Ideal for small to medium pets.

The Sasquatch! Pet Beds are available on Amazon and Amazon UK. On Amazon, they range in price from $45.36 to $116.38, depending on the color. Currently, the gold and pink beds are temporarily out of stock. The fawn and black beds are still available for purchase.