9 Ways to Double Your Shower Storage for $25 Or Less

updated Oct 6, 2020
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Credit: Jill Ruzicka

I often dream of only having a plant or two, a couple products, and nothing else in my shower. The idea of it is so soothing—like showering in a fancy hotel. But I’ve realized that these dreams are likely to only stay dreams for me. You see, I am apparently the type of person who needs to keep three shampoos, two body washes, a deep conditioner, and a container of bath salts in my shower at all times.

Do I use all of this? Of course not, but I like having options, OK? As much as I try to keep it all organized, I often find the bottles piling up on top of each other, eventually toppling down from one of my showers two small shelves with a bang.

As it turns out, though, there are a lot of DIY shower storage solutions out there, and most of them cost less than your favorite facial serum. Because if you can’t have a minimalist, resort-like showering experience every day, having all your products organized is the second best option.

So whether you have $5 to spend or $25, here are nine quick and easy storage solutions for your shower. (It is worth mentioning, though, that throwing out that container of bubble bath you’ll never use is totally and completely free.)

Credit: Jessica Rapp

Stretch a long tension rod across your shower, then hang a shower caddy or other things from it.

If you have a spare tension rod at home, stretch it out across two walls of your shower and use it to hang a shower caddy or other cheap storage solutions to store products. Odds are, you probably have either a tension rod or a spare basket at home, meaning this entire project will cost you virtually nothing. 

Credit: Jessica Rapp

Hang small plastic laundry baskets from waterproof adhesive hooks for kids’ toys or extra storage for products.

We’ve all seen those plastic baskets with holes in them in the dollar aisle of our favorite store. Put them to organizational use by hanging them from adhesive hooks in the shower and filling them with kids toys or other products. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Use a suction cup holder on your tile to keep small items close by

We’ve all seen those handy suction cup storage containers. Even a narrow sponge holder is going to provide some extra real estate. They’re cheap and easy to find, so might as well add a couple to your shower for razors (or extra blades!). 

Hang a fruit hanger from the shower rod 

Not only does it look pretty cool, but it makes storing extra products ridiculously easy. Plus, if you ever get sick of using it for shampoo, you can give it a wash and use it for basically anything else (fruit included). This one on Amazon is less than $20.

Use this $1 suction cup method

Have a few dollars and some rubber bands? Meet the easiest, cheapest shower storage solution ever. Start with a strong suction cup and a rubberized hair tie (or rubber band). Fold and loop the hair tie through the hole, then loop the other end of the elastic through the end you just pushed through the suction cup (like a cow hitch). Then loop the elastic around your products, and mount them to the wall with the suction cup.

Add a cake stand in the corner of the tub

Cake stands offer a big surface with a small footprint. If the ledges of your tub are too narrow to store your products, introduce a cake stand. You can secure it down with museum putty then stack all your products on top (bath bombs included). 

Credit: IKEA

Add hooks to your existing shower rod 

Adding some extra storage to your existing shower rod is as easy as finding hooks—use them to hang back scrubbers, loofahs, or body brushes that might be taking up space elsewhere. You can hang them between (or from) the rings of your shower curtain—letting them slide each time you pull the curtain back. Or add a second tension curtain rod to maximize the space.

…or pockets!

Ever seen those mesh shoe organizers that hang on the back of closet doors? You can hang those in the shower, too. Just find one with eyelets on top, then hang it from your shower curtain rings, or s-hooks around the curtain rod itself.

Credit: Jessica Rapp

Hang products from a tension rod or towel bar with clip-on shower curtain rings

If you have a towel bar in the shower, use photo- or curtain-clip hooks to suspend the personal care products you use the most. Suspending your products in mid-air means you’ll never have to clean in-shower shelves that get slimy and mildewy from being damp (and covered in product spills) all the time.

Credit: Apartment Therapy