Small Bathroom Ideas: 5 Effective Decluttering Tips for a Tidier Space

updated Oct 14, 2022
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If you always feel like your small bathroom is drowning in toiletries, cleaning supplies and hair products, it’s time to get serious about creating a bathroom that works. Why? Because it’s the spot in your home you probably spend time in getting ready every morning, and cleaning out this small space for good will mean eliminating mess stress before going into work every day. Here are five tips that will work if you keep them going.

1. Keep only the products you use daily in a small bathroom
What hair and makeup products do you actually need to get ready each morning? Which do you actually use when you shower? If you’re lacking in lots of bathroom storage, remove everything you only use occasionally — special hair products, medicine, first aid — and consider finding another spot in your home to keep it. (Yes, if you have a small bathroom you probably have a small home, but maybe there’s a titch more storage somewhere else!)

2. Create and disguise new storage
If you absolutely can’t get rid of all of the items, assess your storage situation and see where additional or hidden storage can be installed. If you’ve got under counter storage, maximize it. These under sink storage ideas can easily be applied for bathroom storage. Over the door solutions work, but use sparingly since they don’t really hide the clutter well. Install small or narrow cabinets with doors in tight spots for a custom, hidden storage look.

3. Collect, corral & beautify
Trays are an old organizing trick that’s always in style; use them to turn a pile of unsightly hair and make-up products into something resembling decent. Baskets and boxes work great on open shelves and tucked uniformly on ledges and in corners. In fact you could make your own today! Want to take it up a notch? Transfer beauty products into new or DIY (and labeled) bottles and containers that are all uniform and nicer to look at so your bathroom counter doesn’t look like a drug store.

4. One in, two out rule
For every new lipstick you bring into your bathroom, toss or give to a friend two shades that don’t work and you’ll never wear. Same applies to shampoo, conditioner or whatever products are causing clutter piles in your bathroom.

5. Pick up and put away daily
This is more chore reminder than actual organizing tip, but some people still need to hear it! You can’t let even one bottle stay where it’s not supposed to be in a small bathroom — it’ll look cluttered instantly. Figure out the decluttering and storage methods that work for you, and then stick with it daily until you create a habit.

Have you finally mastered bathroom clutter and have an amazing, tried-and-true tip to share with readers? Comment below!