How to Fit a Washer and Dryer into the Smallest of Spaces

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Elizabeth Roberts)

If you live without them, chances are good that a washer and dryer are at the top of your wish list. You may think, if your home is particularly small, and doesn’t have a dedicated laundry room, that this is an impossible dream, but I’m here to tell you that there is a way to make it happen. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, or closet, here’s how eleven homeowners made the space.

(Image credit: Inside Out)

Many of these homes, like the one above from Inside Out, have all-in-one washer/dryers — that is, the washing and drying happens in the same appliance. These are quite common in Europe, but they’re also available in the States as well. They tend to take a bit longer for a wash/dry cycle than separate machines, but this style of washer/dryer has the advantage of not needing to be vented to the outside, and many models will fit under a countertop (although it’s important to also check the depth of the machine and compare that to your kitchen, as well).

(Image credit: Studio McGee)

In this kitchen from Studio McGee via Desire to Inspire, two full-sized machines fit into a specially designed cabinet. The doors, when opened, tuck into the cabinet itself, so as not to block the walkway.

(Image credit: Crisp Architects)

Here’s a similar setup in a kitchen from Crisp Architects, via Houzz, with a storage cabinet above —a great place to keep detergent and other laundry supplies.

In this home from BHG, a stacked washer and dryer fit into a closet in the bathroom. (I once had a home with a washer and dryer in the bathroom, and I can verify that it is very convenient, since when you’re getting dressed you can pull clean clothes directly from the dryer.)

(Image credit: Vivian Johnson)

In this project from Vivian Johnson, a California homeowner turned a small, unused nook into both a bathroom and laundry room. You can read all about it here.

(Image credit: Dom Z Pomyslem)

A combination washer/dryer is a a great option for a bathroom without a ton of extra space, like this one from Dom Z Pomyslem. Just make sure there’s enough room for the door to swing open.

(Image credit: Alvhem)

Here’s another combination washer/dryer in a bathroom, from Alvhem via Inside Out. The shelves above are a nice touch, and would be perfect for storing detergent and other necessities.

(Image credit: At Home Arkansas)

Provided it’s deep enough for the machines and the clearance needed behind them, converting a closet into a laundry room is another great option. This small laundry space is from At Home Arkansas.

(Image credit: Marsh & Clark Design)

In this setup from Marsh & Clark Design, two stackable machines tuck into a small nook, accompanied by storage and a pull-out counter space for folding.

(Image credit: Elextrolux)

This petite laundry spot from Elextrolux even has an equally petite sink.

(Image credit: Inside Out)

This laundry space from Inside Out tucks into a little nook, and can be easily hidden with a curtain (a budget-friendly alternative to a sliding door) when not in use.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Roberts)

Elizabeth Roberts designed this stunning loft apartment that cleverly hides a functional laundry. Against one wall is a long built-in storage unit, the left side of which houses a stackable washer and dryer. A simple drying rack for clothes raises and lowers by pulley. When the door is closed and the bar is raised, you’d have no idea what the space is used for. Also lead image above.