I Tried the “Snackle Box” Hack, and Now It’s My Favorite Airport Trick

published May 29, 2024
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woman with luggage and walking in airport
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I turn into an entirely new person when I’m on an airplane. The kind of person who inexplicably orders a cranberry juice cocktail, watches reruns of Shark Tank like it’s my full-time job, and suddenly has very strong opinions on the fastest way to take a laptop out of a carry-on. This version of myself has come to terms with paying $8 for a bottle of water, $20 for a burger, and $15 for a bundle of average snacks that I could easily buy anywhere else for $5 — that is, until I tried the “snackle box.”

Quick Overview

What is a “snackle box”?

This travel tip uses a bento box or classic tackle box (just make sure it’s made with food-grade plastic) to pre-pack multiple snacks for long flights without having to pay airport prices.

What Is the TikTok “Snackle Box”?

This travel tip uses a bento box or classic tackle box (just make sure it’s made with food-grade plastic) to pre-pack multiple snacks for long flights without having to pay airport prices. 

After traveling abroad months ago, my TikTok has been flooded with all sorts of travel tips and recommendations. As funny as its name may be, the “snackle box” was the one that truly stuck with me. It asks a question I’ve been pondering myself: Why have travelers all silently agreed that paying so much for airport food is normal?

What Is the TikTok “Snackle Box”?

In a viral video, TikTok creator jocelynperkes shows her 18-compartment snack collection with a combination of sweet and salty treats to pick from during her flight. Although there are snackle box videos dating back to 2022, this is by far the most viral video.

Snackle boxes are mostly filled with shelf-stable foods that can withstand long distances. They’re perfect for international flights or multi-state road trips. Common snack box staples include chips, pretzels, granola, gummies, candy, and chocolate. Although the video features a loaded box, you can also go smaller-scale with Target’s $1 option or anything similar you may have at home. I used a more mellow bento-style box and still had a blast creating mine. 

Why the “Snackle Box” Works (and When It Doesn’t)

After trying the snackle box trend, I found that it worked in so many unexpected areas of my life. I first used it on a cross-country flight and found it was the perfect answer to my many cravings. It ended up saving me tons of time and money in the airport, and I loved the shopping trip beforehand to pick all of the foods I wanted. Although many TikTok comments on the original video were concerned about it getting confiscated by the TSA, as long as you only pack solid foods (no liquids or powders), it’s perfectly fine.

Credit: Carolyn Moore

I could see this travel hack working not only for long flights, but also for road trips, beach days, and — don’t tell anyone — even for movie theater snacks. The tackle box’s secure locking mechanism is ideal for traveling anywhere with kids, and the snack variety could even be useful for picky eaters or anyone with dietary restrictions. 

The snackle box is less useful for when you prefer something fresh or only have a limited amount of space. Fruits, veggies, meats, and cheeses won’t last very long with this snack solution, so if you’re hoping to include any, be sure to use a container that includes an ice pack. And whatever you pack on the plane, you’ll have to pack on the way home, so be sure to stock up on the other end too!

Some Tips for Making the Ideal “Snackle Box” 

  • Find a container that secures tightly for any inflight turbulence, road trip U-turns, or beach day chaos.
  • Pack a good mix of sweet and salty to balance flavor and not feel stuck with one type of treat. 
  • Be courteous to fellow passengers. Bring milder-smelling snacks that won’t make a huge mess if spilled.
  • If bringing fresh foods like meats, cheeses, fruits, or veggies, be sure to find a container that has room for an ice pack.
  • When traveling with kids, make a fun shopping trip out of finding the perfect snacks to get them excited for travel and feel a part of the experience.

Next time you’re spending $8 on a single KitKat at an airport shop, consider packing a snackle box! It makes travel easier and infuses some fun into an otherwise average travel day.