This $20 Organizer Completely Wrangled My Overflowing T-Shirt Drawers (and Doubled My Storage Space!)

published Jun 3, 2024
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Woman folding clothes in bedroom, organizing laundry in boxes and baskets. Concept of minimalism lifestyle and japanese t shirt folding system. Tidy up wardrobe
Credit: Getty Images/ Damian Lugowski

I’ll confess, I have a slight thrifting issue — and my bedroom unfortunately reflects that. Not only do I have an almost overflowing closet, but I also own two clothing racks that are filled to the brim with my most worn pieces. Last but not least, I have a huge six-drawer dresser. My New Year’s resolution was to get rid of items I don’t wear very often, and while I’ve made some headway, it’s taking a bit more work than I anticipated. My dresser drawers are still crammed with T-shirts and loungewear.

Even though I’m downsizing my wardrobe, I also realized that I haven’t been optimizing my drawer space to the fullest, either. I’m guilty of just tossing my items in without thinking too much about it (which you can find visual proof of below). I needed a solution that would actually make me stick to organizing my garments, instantly making everything easy to find. Enter: SpaceAid’s simple-yet-effective Drawer Organizer Bins, which are on sale for just $20.

What are SpaceAid’s Drawer Organizer Bins?

There’s not much to this organizing set, but that doesn’t make it any less clever. For just $20, you’ll get 12 fabric bins of three different sizes. Four are large squares, measuring 11″ x 11″, and another four are medium rectangles, coming in at 11″ x 5.5″ . The four remaining square-shaped ones are 5.5 inches on each side. All of them are 4.5 inches deep, so you’ll have plenty of room for stacking whatever you decide to put inside of them. On that front, you don’t have to stick to organizing only clothes — you can designate a few for makeup, accessories, and even medicine. They come with heavy boards on the sides that keep them standing up. To top it all off, even though they’re meant to be hidden in drawers, their simple design will look just as nice out in the open, available in black, pink, beige, and gray shades. 

Credit: Morgan Pryor

Why I Love SpaceAid’s Drawer Organizer Bins

I think the before and after photos speak for themselves, but I can’t say enough positive things about this organizing set. Despite being made of fabric, I could tell right away that they were sturdy thanks to the solid backing that lines the sides. They arrived folded up — which is ideal for when I move next month — but all you have to do to assemble them into cubes is pull on the attached zipper. The true game-changer, however, is the range of sizes. They can be arranged in several ways to suit your needs. In my workout clothes drawer, I have a large bin holding T-shirts, a medium containing shorts, and a small one containing all of my sports bras in one place. In another drawer, large and medium bins wrangled all of my band T-shirts (which I used to think was an impossible feat).

This set has made locating the items I need so much easier, and I spend less than half the time I used to rifling through my drawers. For how many bins you get for such a low price, it’s really a no-brainer. Don’t make the same mistake I did and convince yourself that bins won’t make a difference in your drawers — grab the set now while it’s $10 off!

Buy: SpaceAid Drawer Organizer Bins, $19.99 (normally $29.99)