10 Clothing Storage Containers That’ll Keep Out-of-Season Garments Neatly Packed

published Sep 6, 2023
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Before moving to New York City, I’d already mentally prepared myself for the lack of storage space, which is a common conundrum with apartments here. For the most part, I’m managing fine — that is, if you can look past the measly 2 square inches of wardrobe space that my room has to offer. Thankfully, I’m not suffering alone, because my coworkers here at AT are in the same boat. As a result, we’re always on the hunt for clothing storage solutions that make use of tricky spaces, like under the bed or in between furniture. Sure, you can find plenty of organizers that optimize your closet’s clothing rod, but arguably the best fix for bulky, in-the-way soft goods is the classic basket. In our effort to find the most efficient clothing containers on the market, we searched the internet and looked back to a few editor favorites, rounding up 10 solid options for every tiny apartment in the process. Whether you’re looking for something collapsible, something stylish, or something wide and flat, a couple of these should do the trick.

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was $9.99

Another must-have for frequent movers, this jumbo plastic storage bag will help you keep bulky clothes and bedding organized. Alicia has used hers for a decade and likes that the bags conform to the spaces she needs to fit them in. “The reason that I think these storage totes lasted so long is because they are flexible,” she writes. “They also fold nearly flat, so when they aren’t in use, they’re easy to hide out of sight.”

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The Container Store

This storage box comes in two shapes: a box or a rectangular bin. We think the latter would be more useful for those short on space because you could store it in your closet or slide it under the bed if needed. We also appreciate that the box comes with its own lid, as well as its inoffensive canvas fabric.

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Our style shopping editor loves this tall rattan basket from H&M, although you might find this low-profile version to be more practical for shirts, activewear, accessories, and other apparel. “I’ll have my baskets for years to come — especially because they’re versatile enough to see me through future moves … and closets,” Blair writes of her own stylish baskets. “That’s a testament to their impressive quality overall — I’ve only owned my set of four (and counting) for a few months, but they feel incredibly durable every time I put something in or take something out.”

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Urban Outfitters

Give your garments a visually pleasing new home in the form of this bamboo basket. It measures 21 inches long and 20 inches high, so it provides plenty of storage without taking up too much precious floor space. The best part is that, unlike some designs, the basket's top closes shut, so you can use it as a shelf for other items.

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If you rent, chances are you also move around a lot. For this, we recommend using bins that fold flat, such as this set from QVC. Senior Commerce Editor Alicia owns a pair and loves their zippable window, among other features. “When it’s time to put away clean laundry, I can easily put my folded stacks of clothes into the bag and then zip it up,” she writes. The window also lets you keep an eye on what's inside at all times.

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The Container Store

These clear plastic under-bed boxes offer lots of room for sweaters, blankets, and jackets without being bulky, plus they keep everything out of sight. That's exactly what you want in a seasonal storage device: Something that's easy to access when you want it (thanks to the wheels), but out of the way when you don't.

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Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is home to some of the nicest-looking baskets we’ve seen, and this handwoven number is no exception. The Aubrey basket is a splurge no matter which size you get, but when you consider that you’ll likely have it forever, it feels worthwhile to pick up something that works aesthetically, not just functionally.

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Socks and intimates can easily eat up an entire drawer in your dresser — especially if they’re not organized. You can solve this problem by picking up a set of these divided bins, which are specially designed to hold hosiery and other small garments. And even if you only use one or two of the three initially, you can simply stack the bins inside one another.

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Speaking of folding flat, these collapsible boxes are perfect for those who want to optimize tall closet shelves. You can snag a set of four for $10 each and stack them on top of one another, keeping pants, Ts, and more neatly folded inside. When you want to relocate them, simply snap the bins shut for easy portability.

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If you don’t have an actual wardrobe, these collapsible storage bins are the next best thing. You can get a pack of four for under $150 and stack them on top of one another, creating a makeshift dresser for pretty much all of your folded clothes. And because of their minimalistic design and snazzy wooden handles, the bins are easy on the eyes, too.