IKEA’s New Releases Include a Grown-Up Version of a Fan Favorite

published May 24, 2024
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Bloomington, Minnesota/USA. August 5, 2018. The exterior of an Ikea store in Minnesota.
Credit: Jeff Bukowski/Shutterstock

Springtime has a tendency to inspire transformation, often through large-scale home renovations. But maybe you want a little bit of that transformative thrill without all the extra work, extra time, and extra money. In that case, might I recommend an easy IKEA hack?

There are tons of tried-and-true standbys IKEA hackers love, but a few new releases caught my eye this spring. These Spring 2024 IKEA products pack a lot of potential — and I predict that some of these will be new favorites along with classics like the IKEA BILLY and IKEA HEMNES. Here, find my favorite new IKEA products for spring along with smart ideas for how to hack them.

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This two-tiered metal nightstand can be updated with a bright coat of spray paint for a quick-and-easy DIY that’ll be done in an hour. A next-level DIY? Use peel-and-stick tile to perk up the bottom shelf. But if you want a slightly bigger challenge, you don’t have to stop there. For a project that’ll look great on an outdoor patio, use this nightstand as a base for tilework, which can span the second level and showcase a fun pop of pattern.

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Kitchen cabinets that don’t have hardware can be easily updated with these half-moon handles, which clip on to the top of the cabinet in a snap. You can also attach these to a modern dresser without worrying about drilling any extra holes, or you can use them to upgrade your rental kitchen cabinets in a snap.

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Tie-dying fabric is a warm-weather activity that’ll never go out of style, and using this 100% cotton throw for the project will add personality to your living room or bedroom with a nice memory to boot. If there’s one potential downside to tie-dye, it’s the mess, but never fear: Follow this guide for how to do it as neatly as possible, and then just try to go with the flow.

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A long side table works wonders next to a sectional, and this all-white side table is just looking for a way to be more than functional. Give it some attention with a contact paper DIY in a cool retro burlwood pattern or a timeless marble one. The table’s metal frame makes it a versatile match for almost any style.

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Building a solid pine plant stand is, in itself, a project that’s already primed for spring. But you can make this planter a true gardener’s paradise by screwing hooks to the side where you can hang tools and gloves so that all of your planting gear is easy to access.

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This shelf is the glorious result of someone at IKEA asking what would happen if the ever-versatile KALLAX had a baby with the solid wood IVAR line. Use it to create a privacy wall in your home, or use a sealer to protect it from the elements and turn it into a plant wall that can also function as a patio privacy screen.

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This woven basket is lovely on its own, but it’s a prime candidate for some easy embellishments. Try adding your own fringe made from embroidery floss around the rim, or buying fringed trim to glue straight to the basket for the easiest DIY ever.