Smart & Stylish Ideas for Dividing a Bed Area in a Studio

published Jul 31, 2018
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(Image credit: Elaine Musiwa)

Living in just one room doesn’t have to mean seeing your bedroom from the front door. These smart studio dwellers created cozy bedroom areas despite the fact that their homes don’t have walls.

(Image credit: Chinasa Cooper)

A plantation shutter faux wall

Elaine Burns had the unique idea for her studio apartment to create a plantation shutter faux wall to hide the bed and separate it from the entryway. She reached out to American Blinds to have the wall custom built. The shutters are made of wood and they work—perfect for creating privacy when closed and letting the light in when open. She says the shutters sit within a frame that is attached to the floor and ceiling.

(Image credit: Franke Chung)

A DIY hanging copper divider

“I knew I wanted some sort of division between my ‘bedroom’ area and the door, but I didn’t want it to feel too closed off or to be an eyesore. This was the perfect solution,” wrote Emily Krutz of her Chicago studio apartment’s bedroom divider.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)
(Image credit: William Strawser)

A half curtain

In Amelia Nicholas‘ Hell’s Kitchen studio apartment and in Molly Crist‘s Los Angeles studio, curtains on rods divide the bedroom area, but not completely. It’s a visual hint.

(Image credit: Sarah Crowley)
(Image credit: Ana Kamin)

Tucked into a closet or nook

Sarah Crowley was able to fit a small bed completely inside a large closet in this Chicago studio. She sacrificed storage, but was able to carve out a private little bed area. Kym Pesola lives in a small San Francisco studio apartment, and though she wasn’t able to fit an entire bed into the closet, she was able to use it as a nook to create a visual distinction.

A desk

Yes there are shelves carving out a bed area in this Miami, Florida studio, but it’s the desk at the foot of the bed—the table top the same height as the mattress—that creates a visual divider.

(Image credit: Melanie Rieders)

A bookcase as a divider

It’s not a new idea, but it’s one that will always work: Using a bookcase as a divider. Spotted in this Los Angeles, California studio.

(Image credit: Minette Hand)

A bookcase + curtain

Sometimes you need both, like in this Washington Heights studio apartment.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

A table + plants at the end of the bed

Like in Rory’s Downtown LA loft studio, even a clear table at the end of the bed—combined with some tall flowers—divides the space.