Target Is Now Selling Oura Rings, and Here’s Everything We Know

published May 2, 2024
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Credit: Lonnie H. Chambers Jr/Shutterstock

Good news for anyone who wants an Oura ring: The popular smart rings are now available at Target stores! 

“We’re excited to be working with a like-minded brand to make Oura ring accessible to more people, including women, who are often overlooked when it comes to health products and services,” Oura CMO, Doug Sweeney, said in a press release announcing the Target partnership on April 22. “Together, we can help improve the lives of our shared customers through personalized health insights.”

Target becomes the third major retailer Oura rings are available at, following its 2023 international partnership with Best Buy and its recently announced collaboration with Amazon.

Oura rings track more than 20 biometric signals, from heart rate to sleep quality to stress, using just your finger to collect the data. But how exactly can you buy an Oura Ring at Target? How much do the rings cost? And can you get yours sized at the store, too? 

Here’s what you need to know.

How to buy a Oura Ring at Target

You can search for, read reviews, and shop for Oura rings directly through the Target website. In addition to selling Oura Rings and other products online, Target will now also offer the products in select stores. 

In order to find out if your store is selling the Oura ring, you can select your local store, search by “pickup” on, and check inventory and availability. You can also call your local Target location and speak directly with a representative. 

How much do Oura Rings at Target cost?

There are two varieties of Oura rings currently available at Target. 

The Oura Ring Gen3 Heritage retails from $299 to $449, according to the color.

Since the press release was first announced, the Heritage ring has more than 1,300 reviews (many of which were originally posted on Oura’s website), including one that says, “It’s fashionable, comfortable, tracks my sleep which I love. I can usually tell when I get up in the middle of the night, but this helps me understand how my body and mind might reach for the day. It really does set me up for success throughout the week.”

The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon retails from $349 to $549, and prices vary depending on which color you choose. Reviews on Target (which also first appeared on Oura’s website) hail the product for its spot-on sleep tracking, with one reviewer writing, “Really exact sleep tracker. Started optimizing my sleep. Getting better and better.”

Can I get my Oura Ring sized at Target?

In-store customers can have their Oura ring sized on the spot if the product is sold at their local Target.

If you’d rather shop online, you can find your Oura ring size by ordering Oura’s $10 Oura Ring Gen3 Sizing Kit, which is also available for purchase at Target. Shoppers who purchase one of Oura’s kits will also receive a $10 Target gift card for future purchases, according to the press release.

In order to get the most accurate results, Oura recommends wearing your ring on your index finger, and keeping your ring sizer on for at least 24 hours to confirm your best fit. You can read all about getting started with your Oura ring on the brand’s website.