Target’s $5 Trinket Trays Are So Pretty (They’re Perfect Catch-Alls for Clutter!)

published Mar 8, 2024
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Credit: Lonnie H. Chambers Jr/Shutterstock

Sifting through Bullseye’s Playground at Target is always worth it, whether you’re looking for a set of stylish plant stakes or adorable decorations for the spring. You might even find some cute socks! The latest arrival to the section will easily help you store all of your trinkets.

An Instagram post by @ohtargetbullseyespot shows two trays, and their unique designs will have you rushing to Target.

Their width resembles the size of two medium-sized books and have enough depth to fit small items like batteries, keys, or remote controls. The design on the first tray in the video is a black-and-white checkerboard with a twist — it also has flowers. Plus, each tray has handles. 

The second tray is covered in different shades of blue, yellow, and cream and has a butterfly placed in the middle. According to one comment on Instagram, “It took a lot of self control to pass those up!” And they’re right — for $5, you could buy both of these (or more!) to place in any room in your home. 

Since this product isn’t available online, it might be difficult to catch it in stores. But don’t worry, there’s a circular checkerboard-covered tray on Amazon for $12 that can still hold all of your small belongings. Plus you could use it as a tray for serving food.

If you own anything that somehow finds its way under your bed or between a couch cushion, it’s time to take a trip to Target and buy one of these trays.