These Plant Decor Ideas Feel So 2019

updated Jul 9, 2019
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As any plant parent would argue, adding some leafy greens to your space is a no-brainer. Not only do plants help improve air circulation and decrease stress, but they can also add a personal touch to your home. Our plants do so much for us that we owe it to our greens to turn them into a certified design moment.

No, we don’t mean placing them in a pretty planter and calling it a day.

Your houseplants are ripe with design potential—it just takes a little imagination. We combed through our house tours and gathered 10 innovative plants displays to prove our point. From chandelier-inspired arrangements to test tube-clad living walls, here are 10 fresh ways to show off your plants at home. 

1. Luscious Lights

Why style a handful of houseplants on your windowsill when you can have a full-blown plant-chandelier in your room instead? Take a cue from Mandy Palasik’s Philadelphia rental and fashion your very own “plantalier.” Pro tip: Use a wire chandelier frame to make a statement with your houseplants.  

2. Flora Fixture

Looking for a ceiling light with a little more pizzazz?  Follow in Lara Ivachev’s footsteps and add some plants to a hanging light fixture. Her Melbourne, Australia home, for example, has the perfect amount of dining room drama.

3. Divide and Conquer

Curtain dividers are so 2018. Employ a tall, leafy plant in place of a traditional room divider to separate spaces in a lofty room a la Apartment Therapy editor Adrienne Breaux’s New Orleans, Louisiana home

4. Hang On

Credit: Liz Calka

Leave it to plant aficionado Hilton Carter to come up with a clever way to display houseplants above your bed. Instead of a typical hanging planter, place a potted plant in a mini hammock for an unexpectedly stylish wall display, just like Carter did in his Baltimore, Maryland abode

5. Windows That Wow

Take your plant decor to new heights (literally!) by hanging some greens from your curtain rods. In Sharlene Kayne’s La Canada, California home, she finishes the look with round plant hangers and crisp white curtains.

6. Stylish Shelf

Credit: Emily Barry

Searching for a cool way to fill the empty wall above your bed? In her New York City apartment, Emily Barry trades in the conventional headboard for a mounted shelf covered in plants.

7. Off the Hook

If you aren’t already hip to IKEA’s FINTORP series, then now’s the time to smarten up. Along with organizing kitchen and bathroom supplies, you can use a FINTORP rail and hooks to hang your houseplants curtain-style to forge a plant wall. Let Marianna Popejoy’s London house tour show you how it’s done.

8. Float Away

Who knew a few floating terracotta-potted plants could create such an artful kitchen scene? Clearly LeeAnn Mathus, who used a few floating plant holders to mount her houseplants directly along the walls of her 188-square foot RV

9. In-Bloom Bathroom

Nothing upgrades a bathroom’s ambiance faster than a few gorgeous (and well-placed) houseplants. Case in point: Lara Ivachev’s Melbourne, Australia bathroom, where you’ll find hanging plants and potted succulents lining the windowsills instead of curtains. 

10. Down to a Science

Credit: Liz Calka

Of course, our resident plant doctor Hilton Carter made this list twice. His handmade “propagation wall”—a living wall comprised of test tubes holding cuttings from his current plants—is begging to be your next DIY project.