This Is the New (Cozy!) Viral Candle Warmer That Everyone’s Talking About

published Jun 9, 2024
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Once you start warming your candles instead of burning them, there’s no going back. Not only are these warming lamps beautiful, but they actually help you get the most out of your scented candles. Their bulbs evenly warm the wax surface, resulting in an intense scent spread that’s cleaner and a lot more safe than an open flame (no more worrying about if you blew it out before you left the house an hour ago!).

One viral candle warmer was everywhere last year, but now there’s yet another style that’s been dominating TikTok recently — and people say it’s “so much cuter than the other ones” they’ve seen. It’s by the brand BAUBUY, and it keeps selling out on the TikTok shop.

Unlike the candle warming lamps that blew up in 2023, which all look very cottagecore-esque, this one has a modern, dome-shaped glass shade that’s suspended from a silver-tone metal arm. The base is a solid wood disc that can fit candle jars of any size.

You can also adjust the intensity of the light, which will determine how much of the wax melts and how much scent is released. And because this can get superbright, it also doubles as a reading lamp!

The retro-style BAUBUY lamp is available in the TikTok shop (you can search for it in the shopping platform in the app), or on Amazon. 

These lamps will truly change the way you use scented candles in your home. No more soot or open flames, and so much added style. Pick one up for yourself while this is in stock, and ditch your lighters and matches.