On Dating Apps, People Really Want to Talk About Their Plants and Pets

updated Feb 5, 2021
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Credit: Tara Moore | Getty Images

Among the many ways the world has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is online dating, with social distancing leading people to reimagine the ways in which dating apps can help foster virtual relationships of all kinds.

According to data compiled by Tinder, people are talking about their plants and their pets more often than ever before these days. The popular dating app has seen record surges in mentions of both lately.

Tinder shared data with Apartment Therapy that features ongoing trends the company has noted as a result of the pandemic, and the data reveals that plant talk is having its moment in the sun. In fact, when it comes to user bios, the app noted a 65 percent uptick in plant emojis from 2019 to 2020, as well as a 51 percent increase in mentions of the word “plant.”

Plant banter has become such a huge talking point — surely in no small part due to a growing number of plant parents taking advantage of extra time at home to take up gardening and caring for greenery — more and more bios these days boast about being a “proud plant mom” or a “plant daddy of four,” so if you’re a green thumb looking to find romance with a fellow gardening pro, you’re sure to find your perfect match if you swipe through the app.

Animal lovers are also swiping right in droves, no doubt thanks to a rise in pet adoptions over the past year. The pros at Tinder shared that mentions of both dogs and cats have steadily trended upward all of 2020, with the most mentions happening during the winter months. And if you’re more of a dog lover than a cat lover, you’re especially in luck, because they noted that “dogs are mentioned significantly more than cats” in the average bio.

The sample bios they shared are equally adorable and hilarious. Plant owners noted: “I’m a pro at keepin’ things alive that are completely useless… nothing makes me smile as big as a new leaf. 🌱;” “hobbies include plant shopping, thrift shopping, vinyl shopping;” and “I’m either out with my girls or vibing with my plants🌱.”

Pet owners have also gotten cheeky with their bios, writing: “I’m assuming you swiped right for my dog;” “If you’re not trying to be dog parents, I don’t want it;” and “My cat is cooler than both of us, honestly.” Because when it comes to finding love, it seems that matters of the heart begin and end with plants, pups, and cats.