This TikToker’s Tiny House Is So Small, He Uses a Swing to WFH

published Jun 18, 2023
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Credit: LowPhotos

You could say it’s all about balancing work and play. TikTok user @janklabs, also known as Tucker, has gone viral after he shared a clip of his tiny home, revealing that he rides a swing to be able to work at his desk. In the video below, the content creator takes his audience on a tour of his 144-square-foot shack, which features a room with a bed, a small kitchen, a hammock, and curiously, a work-from-home nook up in the rafters.

Tucker later posted a video with a closer look at the precarious WFH space. As you can see, the computer is so high up, it’s nearly touching the roof. Other components are affixed on a nearby wall. For the swing, he installed it by putting in two screws on the beams and hanging a piece of wood with rope.

“Getting into my computer swing is a little bit tricky though… so I have to actually lift myself up and then swing my legs over the top of the chair and then sit down,” he explained, adding that he’s been enjoying the unique setup and that it’s the only way to fit his computer in his tiny house.

Tucker’s followers, of course, pointed out how dangerous his WFH nook is. Many joked about it, with one commenter saying: “Someone tag me when the swing falls.”

Others strongly recommended that the homeowner reinforce the chair. A comment reads, “The screws will chew through the rope very quickly, please fix.” Another said: “Brother that is TWINE not rope.”

As of writing, he has not yet posted an update on the state of his computer swing, but he has revealed that he has spent about $5,170 to build his tiny house. So, if you’re thinking about building an abode with a fun but risky office, now you know the budget.

You can watch Tucker build his dream home, which he calls Project: Stardew, starting from day one here.