9 of the Best, Most Unusual Homes We Toured in 2019

updated Apr 14, 2020
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“Unusual” is probably the wrong word to describe the homes in this post. After all, in the era of #vanlife, full-time RVers, and other alternative homes, it’s not really all that out of the ordinary to call a boat, a yurt, or a tiny house your home anymore. So perhaps the better adjective is simply “awesome,” because whether living tiny is of interest to you or not, the folks who do choose these awesome/unusual/alternative homes are brave and adventurous. And for all the homes shared in this post… also stylish and good at home design!

This cute 400-square-foot narrow boat

Andrew Dunford‘s home is a 60-foot narrowboat that he shares with his girlfriend, who’s also his design partner at Lunar Lunar studio. “Originally the narrowboat was full of tired, built-in furniture and cabinetry everywhere you turned, making the boat feel dark and limiting how we could use the space,” he wrote in his tour. Click through to see more of how he and his girlfriend transformed the small space.

This abandoned Airstream that was turned into a warm tiny home on wheels

With the popularity of the #RVlife movement, we actually tour quite a few mobile homes on Apartment Therapy. But some tend to really stand out throughout the year, and Ashton and DJ‘s 225-square-foot, 1972 Airstream is worth paying attention to because of the AMAZING transformation they did on the run-down space.

This 160-square-foot tiny house made from natural materials

I wrote in this tiny house’s tour headline that it “could be one of the most beautiful built this year,” and I meant it. Even better, it was made beautiful on a budget, which is proof that sometimes the best designs are the most uncomplicated ones.

The most charming tiny house ever

If the tiny house above is one of the most beautiful tiny houses, Dolly’s tiny house, aptly named “Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels,” is certainly one of the most charming. Full of bright light, thoughtful details, and lots of plants, it feels much bigger than its small size.

Credit: Bryan Aulick

This modern, minimal hand-built yurt

And honestly I don’t think there’s ever been such a beautiful yurt? Certainly not one that’s so minimal, modern, sleek, and chic. Every detail is carefully through through, and the sleeping loft’s plant display is a must-see element.

Credit: Lindley Rust

This adorable 196-square-foot log cabin

Log cabins aren’t all that new—though outside of rugged geography they’re not that common—but what makes Meagan Murtagh’s Wyoming home so unique is that it’s both a tiny log cabin and studio apartment, and she’s done an amazing job decorating it to be both a little rustic and modern.

A studio apartment that was built around a van

How’s this for a customized home? Not only did architect Jean Chandler design and hand build her Brooklyn studio apartment… she built it around her beloved van, which, adorably, also doubles as a guest bedroom.

The most personal, custom (and stylish) tiny house ever

Jewel Pearson created such a beautiful, creative, custom home—that happens to be a tiny house—that she’s been able to parlay the lessons she learned into a passionate career of sharing the tiny house life with others.

A teeny but dreamy off-grid Hawaii tiny house

Zeena Fontanilla, her husband Shane, and their son Maverick share a mere 350-square-feet of living space in their tiny house, located in Hawaii. But what they lack in size they more than make up for in style, and the fact that their home can operate off grid is impressive, too.

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